Does Home Depot Sell Yeti Coolers Tumblers?


Home Depot is an American business that sells everything you need to renovate your house. You will see that they are providing a variety of services for the ease of benefit of their consumers and they are one of the well-known companies in the United States with that kind of service. Due to their popular diversity in beautifying your homes, it should not be surprising that people consider the company store as one of those store welling access to YETI brand coolers and tumblers. This is because, in the outstanding society of today, YETI coolers are one of those brands you won’t fail to see in people’s houses because of their sentimental value in society. Can home depot sell YETI coolers and tumblers? Continue reading this article to find out the answer. Let us know does home depot sell yeti coolers tumblers and the reason behind home depot not selling YETI coolers and tumblers in this article.

Does Home Depot Sell Yeti Coolers Tumblers?

Does home depot Sell YETI coolers and tumblers?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not have access to sell YETI coolers, tumblers, and other YETI brand products in their in-store and online store. However, not selling YETI brands does not mean they do not sell other similar products with the same durability and flexibility for customers. You should know that YETI hauled Home Depot to court because of their advertising and selling of Takeya branded drinkware and cookware that resembles that of YETI coolers and tumblers as predicted. This shows that you can buy other similar and functional products in their store but if you are looking for the original YETI products, then you will have to go to other brand stores for that.

The reason behind home depot not selling YETI coolers and tumblers

Home Depot and YETI brands do not have any affiliation whatsoever therefore, you will not find their products in their stores. What happened to both brands for not having a partnership with each other is yet to be known but in the meantime, we will discuss the likely reason for that.

Home Depot is a home improvement company that makes use of selling cooking and kitchen hardware right from their establishment. You will find a lot of competitive kitchen hardware like that of Takeya USA and this have been seen in one of their recent court case (where the 20 and 3-ounce mug of YETI is claimed to have a similar appearance to Takeya USA drinkware) Home Depot was cut in the middle of the lawsuit which was finalized in favor of YETI brands. Selling their products in the stores may cause a big confusion to the consumers and it can cause a bigger problem in most cases. 

The different type of cooler and tumbler home depot sells

It is essential to understand the type of products that can be found in home depot to avoid buying fake products instead of the authentic products you asked for. It is also essential to clear the confusion of the type of products you will find in their store since it has been stated that home depot does not sell YETI coolers and tumblers. What other similar brands of these products can be found in their store? 

At Home Depot, coolers and tumblers from brands like Coleman, camp-Zero, nICE, Orca, Trinity, Vortex, Mammoth, Koolatran, Everblit, IGLOO, Klein Tools, Pelican, Rio, Suncast, Rubbermaid, Engel, etc can be found in this store. You will also find all these brands diversifying into different types of coolers like a compact, wheeled, electric car, marine, patio, stainless stain wheeled coolers, etc. Tumblers like aluminum, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, insulated thermos, double wall tumblers, and many more

Other stores that sell YETI coolers and tumblers

Yes, you can not buy YETI cooled tumblers at home depot, but where can you buy them if that is the only kind of drinkware and cookware you are expecting to buy? There are various options for you if you are willing to stick to only the brand and some of the retail stores that sell them will be listed below.

Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, REI, Moosejaw, Gearhead outfitters, Tractor supply, west marine, Westport hardware whole foods market, The cook’s warehouse, Hammond Lumber Company, and other many more retailers companies that could not be mentioned in this article

The average price of a YETI cooler and tumbler

The price attached to YETI coolers and tumblers depends on the type of store you went to purchase it. The location and state of that store is also a major factor in determining how expensive the tumblers and coolers may cost. In some areas, you will find coolers got going as low as $400 while as high as $650. But for the tumblers, the price is not as expensive as that of the coolers but you can still see them for as low as $25 and as high as $65 per tumbler. 


Home Depot does not sell YETI coolers and Tumblers because they do not have any affiliations with their company. Instead of finding that particular brand in their store, you are given the leisure of selecting from multiple brands that have the same functionality and durability as a YETI product. To find the specific brand and types of coolers and tumblers found in the store, you will have to read through this article. Also, stores that have the access to selling YEtI products have been explained in this article 

Does Home Depot Sell Yeti Coolers Tumblers?

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