Are Perfumes From Kohl’s Real?

It’s always amazing to have a trusted store when it comes to getting a whole variety of items that you can pick up in-store or make an order online at any time and any day. Kohl’s over the years has offered amazing national, international, and exclusive brands coupled with a great customer shopping experience making them stand out as a retail company operating in the United States. Yes, Kohl’s offers real perfumes. Kohl’s is known for selling a wide range of perfume brands in all its stores located in the United States. They offer flexibility on perfume types, price tags, product discounts, and delivery options making them your best store for your perfumery.

Are Perfumes From Kohls Real?

What Is Kohl’s perfumes?

Founded in 1927, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Maxwell Kohl. Kohl’s is one of the biggest retail companies in the United States with approximately 1,162 store locations in 49 states dealing with a range of products like footwear, clothing, bedding, furniture, toys, decor, perfumery, appliances, beauty products, electronics, housewares, etc. 

Types Of Perfume Brands Sold At Kohl’s.

As a retail merchant in the United States, Kohl’s partners with multinational brands to sell their products in every Kohl’s store. Some partner companies in perfumery are; 

  • Prada perfume
  • Versace perfume
  • Armani perfume
  • Valentino perfume
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • YSL perfume
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Victoria’s Secret 
  • Viktor & Rolf
  • Chloe
  • Coco Channel
  • Givenchy 
  • Burberry

Other Products Sold By Kohls

Known for its variety of products, Kohl’s offers several products from international brands giving you a range of options when shopping. Some of these products are; 

  • Unisex clothing
  • Furniture
  • Unisex shoes
  • Toys
  • Baby Clothing 
  • Greetings and Postcards
  • Vehicle tools and accessories 
  • Beauty products
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Medical supplies 
  • Electronics
  • Unisex Accessories 
  • Home Decor
  • Outdoor Decor
  • Beddings 
  • Jewelry

Other Retailers That Sell Real Perfumes

  • Target
  • Pixi
  • Staples
  • Jean Pierre inc.
  • Kroger
  • Josie Maran Cosmetics
  • CVS 
  • Hudson Cosmetics 
  • Kiehl’s since 1851 inc.
  • Cosco International 
  • Coty Holdings
  • Elizabeth Arden inc.
  • Walgreens
  • Macy
  • Sephora

How To Know Real Perfumes

It is no longer news that duplicate perfume products have flooded the market immensely making it hard for you to easily figure it out but retailers like Kohl’s provide answers to you on original perfumes in a guide. A perfume’s originality is often a topic of discussion and for you to know it is authentic gives you an edge whenever you want to make a purchase. For you to know a perfume is original, there are nine things you must check and these are ;

Barcode And Serial Number – 

Most original perfumes have a serial number and barcode which is mostly found at the end of the package box and also on the bottle. You need to notice that both the bottle and package should have the same serial number because some fake perfumes would differ while others will have the serial number glued to the box or bottle. The authenticity barcode is what you should first check before buying a perfume.

The Design –

If you always do your research before buying perfumes, you will realize that duplicate perfume producers will always add a slight change to either the design, packaging, or even the font of the bottle or box to avoid some legal problems from the original producers. 

Product Finish – 

Most original perfume products are very smooth and edged creative but most fake products almost always lack finishing as either the bottle would be rough or the box looks old while the fonts could fall off. 

Packaging – 

Cellophane packaging always plays a clear role in differentiating real from fake perfumes because most fake perfumes do not have similar wraps. This cellophane covers the box as it marks authenticity from the manufacturer.

Spelling – 

Most fake perfumes have incorrect spellings and there is a high chance for you to spot the mistakes although they might be minor switches of letters like O or A. It is always good to properly check the perfume’s spelling before making any purchase.

Bottle Cap – 

Most fake perfumes cap are made with poor quality and are easily breakable as real perfumes have quality caps that are sturdy and properly sealed. 

Paperboard – 

Most original perfumes have a paperboard inside the box which is kept to shield the bottle from damage while on the move. If you carefully notice, most fake perfumes don’t have a paperboard in the box. 

  • Perfume Color – 

No matter how good duplicate perfume products are, they can never replicate the original as the perfume color is a very big indicator. It would either be too dark or too light compared to the original. 

  • Perfume Fragrance – 

  Before making a perfume purchase, it is advisable to always ask for a tester because this can easily help you spot the difference. The fragrance makes it easier to know the real from the fake perfumes.


In existence for almost a century, Kohl’s is believed to be the biggest retailer in the United States as regards its chain of stores, net income, wide range of products, and large customer base. Every product sold at Kohl’s is original and all the variety of perfumes are also real. For your convenience, it is advisable to contact the nearest store or visit the website. 


  1. Are Perfumes From Kohl’s Real?

All perfume products from Kohl’s are real because they sell products manufactured by International companies in all their stores in the United States.

  1. How Can I Know If A Perfume Is Fake?

All you have to do to know a perfume’s authenticity is to check the barcode and serial number, the design, the fragrance, and also the color and packaging.

Are Perfumes From Kohl’s Real?

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