Cities Getting Poorer – Know More

In every country, well-developed areas are called cities. It is because every kind of facility is available in the cities. Each department is well-maintained and cooperative “like” education, hospital, living apartments, and transportation. Let us know ‘Cities Getting Poorer’.

Cities Getting Poorer

Cities Getting Poorer

The cities are getting poorer and densely populated; the intellect is the overflow of people from rural to urban areas. Doubtlessly, rural areas are contemporary and cosmopolitan. Despite all the benefits, some disadvantages make the cities poor. With every ease, there comes a hardship. Factors including Poverty, crime, Job growth, Education, Conflicts, and infrastructure have made the cities down and out.

Most people now complain about city life. People feel city life is more depressing and mournful. Despite all the benefits, they still feel a lack of security.

Reasons why cities become poor?

Following are the loopholes that made city life stone break: 

1- Lack of good education

2- Poverty



5- Increase in street crimes

6- Injustice

7-Climatic changes

8-non-availability of water and food

9-Privation of healthcare

1-Lack of Good Education

Education is one of the due rights of every individual. Without education, neither family nor nation has achieved success. Cities failed in this aspect; instead of influencing education, they initiated child abuse. Here a considerable conflict arose. In the cities, you will see children who cannot afford the school fees that evoked them to beg. 

Schools in this aspect failed to provoke education. Heavy academic and transportation fees constrained the human resource from book learning; and switched them to pleading.


Poverty is when a majority population of a nation has income below average or no income. People swapped rural for urban areas for great earning opportunities. Unfortunately, cities also failed to fulfill their desire. 70% of the people in urban areas have a good source of income. The remaining don’t have enough money to afford the necessities of life. 

Scenarios like this then led to child labor or child abuse. It also results in deprivation from tutoring or education.


Apart from education, another major issue society faces in cities is stagflation. Those who get degrees and graduate from the best schools run for jobs each day. It is because companies in cities are ready to hire but are reluctant to give you experience. 

Traditional jobs like farming no longer exist as a profession. It was the best profession of its time. Now firms hire qualified workers, who work for their fingers to the bone but still do not get enough wages. Additionally, to that, people with low education hardly get a job. In such cases, how can someone feed their family and educate their kids?


People come to cities for jobs or education. Inadequate infrastructure makes it difficult to reach their destination. If cities do not have proper buses or transport systems, joining on time to school becomes difficult for students. Moreover, infrastructure is also a kind of bridge that connects individuals to their jobs and services. 

In the beginning, individuals try not to invest in extra things. Poor infrastructure, internet service, or roads may cost them. 

5-Increase in street crimes

Poverty and unemployment will lead to street crimes. If the cities fail to improve your standard of living, then one should go for corruption. Crimes include target killing, robbery, and bankruptcy. People then adopt other means of livelihood. An increase in crimes reduces life security which makes urban life difficult to live peacefully. 


Injustice in terms of gender, occupation, or education is another problem in urban areas. People value those who have great networks, are proficient in English, and have an upyielding political background. 

7-Climatic changes

unexpected weather changes, “like” heavy rainfall and floods, lead to severe destruction. Poor sanitation and sewage lead to soil erosion and the emergence of diseases “like’ malaria, typhoid, and other infections. Scorching weather results in sunburn, animal death, power shortage, and water shortage that affects agricultural yield.

8- Lack of water and food

Heatwaves and floods lead to several infections and diseases. In such cases, if people do not get water or food, they will surely die of hunger. Far and away, people migrate to urban areas for handsome earnings and good education. But it does not mean they let their lives at risk. In stressful routines, one should at least have a healthy meal to stay active and pure water; to remain hydrated.

9-privation of healthcare

In cities, healthcare centers cost a lot on medication and treatment. In such ways, the poor cannot afford expensive medicines and get sick. The sick person also becomes a ball and chain on their family, as he cannot earn money with this health. 


Government should understand this issue and make policies to solve these urban problems. Unless the government does not assist antisocial behavior, poverty, death ratio, and all such things will remain in society. Population growth can lead to poverty and insecurity in life. A flood can destroy the roads and infrastructure of the city. City life is also insecure due to the massive population and living with strangers.    

Cities Getting Poorer – Know More

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