How Long Are USPS Money Orders Good?

Many people do ask themselves what a money order is. USPS describes money orders as a convenient, affordable, and widely accepted way of sending cash that never expires. Money orders function similarly to cheques and are safer to mail than cash. Money orders are paid in advance because they can bounce when the recipient attempts to cash them.

How Long Are USPS Money Orders Good?

USPS is the universal issuer of money orders. The money orders issued by the USPS can never expire, unlike others. According to the other, the money order loses a certain percentage of its value after the specified time, whereas the money order can be cashed for the full-time value at any time with USPS. Money orders don’t expire, and they do not accrue any interest. They are always good until they reach their destination. That’s how the USPS money order is good compared to the others.

The point to note is that the domestic money order does not expire and does not incur any interest. Anyone can cash a USPS money order for free at any post office.

How money orders work at USPS is that they can be delivered by hand or sent via email. They can be used to send money both locally and internationally. Money orders can be decided, canceled, and replaced if stolen. And as a result, they are the safer method of sending money.

How long does it take to receive a USPS money orders?

The Money order should take the shortest time to reach the recipient. Using USPS, the delivery time should be a couple of days. However, it might take longer during the holidays and weekends because the offices are not open. Even if there is this reason for weekends and holidays, the money order should take at least 14 days to reach the recipient from the date of issue.

How does a USPS money order get tracked?

If the USPS money order is lost, a person can track it. A person can go to the USPS website and enter the money order’s serial number to confirm that it is canceled or followed or to report if it is lost or stolen.


It is possible to cancel the USPS money order. For instance, you can cancel the money order if someone loses the checkbook and doesn’t have time to look for it. For you to cancel it, submit the money order, identification, and receipt to the post office a person purchased it. What will happen if the USPS cancels it and give back the money?

How does a person complete a USPS money order?

There is no difference from the others when a person is filling the money order. The information depends on where a person has purchased the money order. The person filling the money order should need to

  • Write the name of the recipient on the field of pay. The importance of this is the purpose of security. Even if the money order is lost, no one else can cash it apart from the recipient. The sender should ensure that the recipient’s name is spelled correctly because it cannot be changed once the money order is purchased.
  • Fill out the information on the file that says form and the sender address field.
  • The sender should sign the front of the money order to make it valid. The same place is where the recipient signs to cash it.
  • The sender should keep the receipt if the money order gets lost or damaged. To replace, track or cancel, it needs the permit.

How does a person use a USPS money order to send money?

  • To send the money using the USPS money order is very easy, or a person needs to do is
  • To visit the USPS branch to buy the money order
  • Fill in the required information in the money order.
  • Pay the money order using cash, debit card, or traveler’s check.
  • The sender can decide to deliver the money order in person or can mail it to the email where the recipient can receive it.

In conclusion, if a person is sending money overseas, they should consider many options, such as the account’s convenience, the transfer’s cost, and the speed of how long it will take to reach the recipient. It is essential to choose the best option that will benefit both sides. Remember that even if the USPS money order takes a long time, you can still get it.

Frequently asked questions.

  1. Is it possible to cash a USPS money order made out to someone else?

No known postal service can allow someone to cash a money order from someone else. Never give a friend a money order for whatsoever reason. Since the USPS money order does not expire, you can cash it whenever you have one.

  1. What happens to the damaged USPS money order 

Once the money order is damaged, it can be replaced. A person must take the damaged money order and the receipt to the nearest post office for a replacement.

How Long Are USPS Money Orders Good?

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