Does Petsmart Take In Animals?

PetSmart is a convenient one-stop shop for pet owners and their four-legged friends, offering a large selection of pet supplies at competitive pricing. But unfortunately, not every pet can stay with the same family for the rest of its life. There are several reasons why pets can require new homes, including a shift in the owner’s lifestyle or the animal’s own behavior. Let us know ‘Does Petsmart Take In Animals?’.

Does Petsmart Take In Animals?

Does Petsmart Take In Animals?

PetSmart does not rehome, take in, or accept any unwanted or straying pets. In its place, PetSmart encourages consumers to take their unwanted cats, dogs, or other small pets to a local shelter or rescue organization. Also, cats, dogs, and other small pets purchased from PetSmart cannot be returned.

PetSmart Take-In and Surrender Policy

There are several situations in which a pet has to be surrendered or rehomed, but in each case, the owner is not allowed to bring the animal to PetSmart to be given up. Furthermore, Pets that have been adopted from PetSmart cannot be returned to the store.

PetSmart is not a place where you can turn in a surrendered animal; if you try, you’ll be turned away and at best given advice on where to take your pet instead.

Justification for PetSmart Take-In Policy 

PetSmart will not take any pets that have been surrendered since the company does not have the resources to provide proper care and find good homes for them.

For the sake of the welfare of all the animals in their care, including the adoptable pets in their stores, PetSmart does not accept strays.

PetSmart cannot guarantee the welfare of the animals in its care if relinquished animals were accepted, whether the surrender was due to disease, a change in disposition, or a change in environment.

If rehoming your pet becomes necessary, however, PetSmart will provide suggestions.

Available Pet Take-In Options 

Rehoming and Take-in services for dogs, cats, and many more species of animal are available through the Animal Humane Society. Also, you may consider local rabbit, dog, cat, and other animal shelters and rescue facilities.

Only scheduled surrenders at the curbside will be allowed. Therefore, it is important to contact customer care for details and help set up a surrender appointment.

Dog Take-In Options 

Several shelters and rescue groups will take in strays if a dog’s owner is forced to find a new home for their pet. It’s best to surrender a dog to a humane society, no-kill shelter, or rescue group.

Some organizations may take in strays at no cost, while the United States Humane Society requires a $50 admittance fee to cover the expense of caring for an unwanted dog.

However, the owner should call ahead to make sure the facility accepts walk-in surrenders before making the trip.

Cat Take-In Options 

When abandoned, cats are often adopted quickly. If you need help relocating a cat, you can get in touch with the Humane Society in your area.

Another helpful organization for cat and kitten rehoming is PAWS.

Take-In Options for Small Animals 

Pets like rabbits, gerbils, rats, and hamsters may usually find temporary housing at their local ASPCA or Humane Society.

If your local animal shelter is unable to accommodate your little pets, they should be able to connect you with a group that can.

Pet owners, especially those who have small animals, should never let them loose in the wild. However, even if they are rats, they are not suited to the outdoors and would perish.

Take-In Options for Birds

Birds are notoriously difficult to surrender. However, most rescue groups and exotic pet veterinarian clinics would gladly take them in or put you in touch with a reputable bird rescue agency.

Usually, veterinary clinics have contacts with people and groups that are willing to temporarily house birds until they can find permanent homes for them.

Reptiles Take-In Options 

Don’t hesitate to take unwanted reptile pets to the local ASPCA. Finding a new home for these animals might be more challenging, but the ASPCA or a local rescue group can connect you with a specialty or exotic pet rehoming service.

In no circumstances should you release your pet into the wild or into a body of water. The animals’ chances of survival will plummet if this is allowed to continue.


If you’d like to relinquish your pet, you can’t do so at PetSmart, even if you adopted it from them in the first place. You can’t bring pets to PetSmart to be rehomed because the store lacks the resources and security to handle abandoned animals.

If you must give up your pet, it is best to get in touch with a local animal shelter or humane society to learn what to do and how to do it safely.

  • Does PetSmart Sell Dogs and Cats?

PetSmart does not provide Kittens, Cats, Puppies, or dogs for sale. PetSmart instead hosts yearly adoption events and promotes dog and puppy adoption on its website.

  • What is the Cost of Adopting a Cat at PetSmart?

Adopting a cat or kitten from PetSmart can cost anywhere from $70 to $120 – depending on the age and size of the cat. The price for adopting pets generally will vary depending on the location of the shelter and rescue home where the cat is being housed, and any fees PetSmart may charge for making the cat accessible.

Does Petsmart Take In Animals?

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