How Much Does A Segway Cost? – Know More

The Segway, later known as the Segway PT, is a self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transporter developed by Dean Kamen and made available to the general public in 2001. Segway Inc. is the manufacturer. PT stands for “personal transporter,” while HT is for “human transporter.” Segway is a computer-controlled, two-wheeled, lightweight, gyroscopic electric noiseless transport vehicle with a motor that has a 20 km/h speed. Segways are one of the hottest devices right now because of this. But the price of a segway is the real concern. Let’s know more about How Much Does A Segway Cost?

How Much Does A Segway Cost

According to quality, second-generation Segways cost between $4,000 and $5,000 for used units and run approximately $7,000 after taxes for brand-new ones. The ES1L model of the Segway Ninebot electric scooter costs $300, while the Max model costs up to $950.

Ninebot Segway ES2 Price

A small, light electric scooter that works well in urban settings is the Ninebot ES2. It has a straightforward and efficient one-click folding method, making it nearly as transportable as an electric bike can be.

It has a range of 15 miles and a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) with a 300 Watt hub motor. The ES2 is often widely available and depending on where you buy it and which model you choose, the cost can range from $400 to $600.

Segway i2 SE Price

It has a handle and two substantial, large wheels for stable balance and control. To move the machine, the rider must walk onto the platform and then adjust their weight. Although costs vary widely, you should expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for a good pre-owned model.

Segway MiniPro Price 

It resembles an i2 in size, but without the complete handlebars. Your arms are now free to move around.

Although Amazon has this model in stock, pricing for the miniPro can fluctuate but are often between $400 and $600, with discounts frequently available.

Segway One S2 Price 

It is a single-wheeled personal transportation system with two tiny foot platforms on either side of the wheel. The pricing range will often be between $600 and $900, but it truly depends on where you get them.

Segway Loomo Price

The robotics team at Segway has created a pretty intriguing gadget called the Loomo. It resembles a self-balancing scooter mixed with a personal robot helper. When purchased through Segway themselves, the Loomo will cost you $1,800, yet there are ways to buy them for less.

Some Things To Consider Before You Buy A Segway

  • As per your choice of model of second-generation Segway PT, it’ll cost you somewhere between $6000 to $8000. The Segway x2 range is more expensive than the Segway i2 range, and the more expensive the package you select, the less basic it is.
  • The Segway PT has the benefit of having a payback period of fewer than two years and being incredibly successful in use. The Segway PT has the benefit of having a payback period of fewer than two years and being immensely effective in use.
  • The Segway PT’s motors don’t require routine maintenance like clutch or oil changes like a car would. Checking the tire pressure and keeping your Segway PT charged are essentially the only maintenance procedures needed.
  • Roughly eleven times more economical than the typical American automobile and more than three times more efficient than even the most efficient scooters, the Segway PT is the perfect mode of transportation. Energy usage for the Segway PT only costs roughly one penny per mile.
  • Monthly Car Cost Estimate: $400 is due. With gas costing $175, insurance costing $125, maintenance costing $75, and tolls/parking costing $25, the total comes to $800. (own in 4 years)

As you’ve seen, the Segway PT is a very worthwhile purchase because it is so easy to operate and maintain, pays for itself quickly, and will ultimately save you money. It is a green form of transportation. If you’re looking to buy a Segway, stop by the shop to buy an electric scooter or any other Segway parts and accessories.


If you are environment friendly and want zero-emission, don’t want to get into the parking chaos, or want to cruise around at the speed of 10mph instead of walking. Then, Segway is a perfect choice for you. But at the same time, you have to be rich enough, or otherwise selfish. Because it only serves an individual at a time. You cannot go on a date or outing with your family on this until every member of the family or your partner have the same. So, consider other factors like income, family size, or purpose to get one. 

  1. What is the weight of a Segway?

It is approximately 105lbs.

  1. Can The Segway be used in the wet?

Yes, but just briefly during our ride.

  1. What is the battery life?

Fully charged, the battery has a range of around 25miles and recharges in 4-5 hours.

  1. How quickly can a Segway travel?

Segway could run maximum at 12.5mph.

How Much Does A Segway Cost? – Know More

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