How To Use EBT On Amazon?

Many people today prefer to buy and pay for everything on Amazon, even buying food. It now accepts the use of EBT( Electronic Benefits Transfer), an electronic system used in the United States to allow the SNAP( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) beneficiaries to pay for their food as well as for other items. When SNAP beneficiaries make any purchase, their EBT account is debited. Some SNAP beneficiaries prefer to use Amazon as their first choice for grocery and food shopping. Since Amazon supplies groceries and does food delivery, they accept EBT from customers. SNAP beneficiaries receive access to Fresh without a Prime membership and also enjoy free shipping on orders, provided their card is added to their Amazon account. For first-time users, using their EBT card can be very tasking and challenging as well. But not to worry, this article has covered everything related to the entire process from start to finish.

How To Use EBT On Amazon?

Who can use ebt on Amazon?

Before delving into the topic of how to use Electronic Benefits Transfer on Amazon, it’s essential to know the eligible EBT users that can use Amazon for their SNAP benefits.

• SNAP or EBT beneficiaries with a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card within the 45 states in the US  including the state of Columbia can use their EBT card to buy food and groceries on foods and Amazon Fresh respectively. 

• SNAP or EBT beneficiaries living within Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, and Hawaii cannot use their Electronic Benefits Transfer on Amazon because it is not allowed. 

How to use an EBT card to purchase on Amazon?

EBT card holders can now buy both groceries and order food and get it delivered to them through Amazon using the SNAP benefits. How does the EBT card work on Amazon? 

Follow the step-by-step guidelines provided below to begin the process; 

(1) Open an Amazon account

(If you already have an Amazon account, log in to your Amazon account using your password and go to the next step)

• Click on “create an Amazon account”.

• After creating the account, sign in with your email address and password.

(2) Search for Amazon’s EBT page

The next step is to go to Amazon’s Electronic Benefits Transfer website page. Select the “Add your EBT card” option from the menu options.

(3) Link your EBT card to your Amazon account

• Link your EBT card to your Amazon account by filling in your EBT information in the payment option provided.

• After linking your card, click on ‘continue’.

• Follow other prompts such as filling in the needed information.

(4) Shop for food and groceries on Amazon

Once your EBT card has been credited,

• Shop for food and groceries.

• You can buy food through foods & 

• You can shop for groceries through Amazon Fresh or Amazon Grocery.

• After shopping, add all your selected items to the cart.

(However, note that: Not all items qualify, check out the items you want to buy before shopping to know if it is acceptable or otherwise).

EBTcardholders can have free access to Amazon Fresh after linking their EBT cards with their Amazon account.

(5) Check out from Amazon

As usual, after making online purchases you check out.

• Click on “EBT card” as the mode of payment.

• After clicking, enter your EBT card PIN to complete the transaction you performed.

Benefits of using an EBT card on Amazon

Since It supplies groceries and does food delivery, it accepts EBT payments from valid EBT cardholders. Are there benefits to choosing to use EBT on Amazon? 

Yes, there are some added advantages that SNAP/EBT beneficiaries have for choosing Amazon such as;

• EBT cardholders have access to Amazon Fresh without Amazon Prime membership whereas normally, it is not so, Amazon Fresh is only for Amazon Prime members. This is one of the most premium benefits of using an EBT card, Amazon Fresh is a feature of Amazon Prime. Amazon Fresh delivers groceries and whole food items to their customers.

• EBT cardholders have access to Amazon Prime at a discounted rate hence it is not free of charge. Amazon Prime membership fee for EBT cardholders is $5.99 as against $12.99, which is the original fee. 

• Free shipping on Amazon Fresh orders of $35 and Amazon Grocery of $25. 

Final Thoughts

To use your EBT card on Amazon, you must link your EBT card to your Amazon account and follow the prompts. However, only eligible and valid EBT cardholders can have access to ordering both groceries and whole food items from Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will Amazon verify my EBT card? 

The first thing is to snap your picture and send it to Amazon. After linking your card with your Amazon account, submit your card and your passport photograph, and you also sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon takes a while to verify your Electronic Benefits Transfer card and identity, after completing the process, you would receive a verification for your account.

Without verification, you cannot have access to Amazon benefits.

  • Can I use my Electronic Benefits Transfer card for shipping on Amazon?

No, it does not allow EBT cardholders to use the EBT card to pay for shipping and delivery expenses as well. You make use of another card to pay for your shipping and delivery expenses.

How To Use EBT On Amazon?

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