Does Kohls Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Gift cards are nowadays a fancy term quite popular with their availability and accessibility cause them to rise steadily. Whether it is physical or e-cards it is used as one of the best tools for gifting to friends or family or anyone you feel closely attached to. It can equally serve as a secondary buying option on many e-commerce sites. Kohl is a company that sells gift cards from Amazon. Besides, they also have their own authorized gift card as well as other brands. Nearly all popular and famous stores’ gift cards can be purchased from Kohl’s. Kohl’s is one of the biggest retail chains serving a selling variety of products through their stores. You can either buy online or visit their stores physically. As of 2021, they have more than 11000 physical stores available.

Does Kohls Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Does Kohl’s sell Amazon gift cards?

As you know, a gift card is a prepaid voucher with instant discounts on the products you purchase. You can buy as well as gift it to someone special. When they are redeemed, they will get a discount amount.  At the time of purchase, you can choose the amount you want to pay. Now while searching options where to buy your favorite gift card, be it for whatever reason, it is unfortunate to note that Kohl does not sell Amazon gift cards online. The reason why Kohl doesn’t expose buying options online is most probably because they don’t want their customers to buy any third-party stores item like gift cards and others. 

However, here is the interesting part. Although they are not intended to sell Amazon gift cards online, you can find the same in their offline stores. With more than 11000 stores being available, you can have a great option to buy your gift card from all available options.

What are the types of gift card available at kohl?

Generally, the availability of gift cards varies a little. The demand of the customers toward a particular value is a deciding factor that can be accounted for this. According to consumers’ reports, it is found that $25 and $50 gift cards are the most acceptable ones among customers. Although a wide range of gift card purchasing options is available in almost every store based in the US. The amounts available can be as low as $10 to as high as $100. In between them $25, $35, $75, etc. are also available.

It is also worth note taking that it is not only Amazon but there is also many other third-party store gift cards option available at their physical Stores. But the types of gift cards available at a store may subject to vary. Not at all times in a season, all gift cards are available. It may variable depending on the locations you live. Here are some of the gift cards you may need from different categories –

  • burger king(for foods and drinks)
  • google pay(entertainment services)
  • apple apps(entertainment)
  • Xbox etc.

Is gift cards refundable?

 As their return policy says, you can not return your purchased gift card in any way. Moreover, it should also be remembered that you can not also demand a refund against your purchase under any condition. So, there is no return or refund option available. It thus should be the wise decision about what you like to do with your gift card before buying it. Because, if you change your mind later and think to return it, you will have no option. 


With the rising demand for gift cards, it is wise for kohl to make available all types of gift cards. Although, kohl’s online store does not allow to buy cards online. You have to visit stores if you wish to buy them. Being one of the largest retail stores, you can find their Stores in almost every state in the US. It varies depending upon the location and how many stores they have in a particular city. It is also to be remembered that, not only Amazon gift cards, there are three are plenty of other options available to buy other stores’ gift cards as well. They also sell gift cards which you can buy from their stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kohl charge any extra fee for the purchase of the card?

Ans:- No, there are no hidden costs or charges associated with this. You should and responsible to pay only the amount you want your gift card for. 

Is gift cards refundable?

Ans:- the gift cards available at Kohl are neither refundable nor returnable under any condition, according to the refund policy. 

Does kohl sell Amazon gift cards?

Ans:- You should note that any type of gift card other than their own, is not available to purchase online. However, if you want to buy any third-party gift cards then you are required to visit there in stores to buy them.

Does Kohls Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

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