San Francisco Creative Continues To Put Queer, Otherwordly Spins on Face Masks

Mask wearing, unlike the novel coronavirus, has been a staple in the Western World for centuries — used in all manners of ease, from celebrations of birth to honoring the dead. But Covid-19 has again ushered in a new take on face mask-wearing, bending what’s now a safety protocol (and a litmus test for empath) […]

An Attainable Holiday Gift Guide For All The Bay Area To Enjoy

Every year, the holidays roll around and we’re stuck on inspiration to gift people. Though some resort to gift cards and quick fixes in gift giving, we’re taken another root and sourced our favorite, out-of-the-box ideas that can easily translate from full gift wrap to stocking stuffer. And of course, much ado to the number, […]

Bay Area Craft Week: Four Bay Area Artists of Color Show Us Through Their Creative Mindset

The Bay Area is a wonderful place to craft. No, really. Whether we’re moving forward in technology or keeping traditions alive through process, Bay Area artists and makers know what it takes to keep the spirit alive. In 2020, it’s no joke. Everything from social justice to marginally oppressed groups, this year has shown us […]

Oaklash Goes Digital and Now More People Can Enjoy Drag From the Comfort of Their Home

Though we’ve been all secluded into our homes as the global pandemic rages on—Bay Area Queer creatives have found ways to thrive, express, and survive in these meaningful times. On September 4th through the 6th, Queer entertainment makes a splash. Oaklash, the only Bay Area drag festival, has done just that. With no time to […]

Art Attack SF To Open Their Castro Location With A Bang This Weekend

A post shared by Art Attack SF Gallery (@artattacksf) on Mar 14, 2017 at 6:41pm PDT After closing their Fisherman’s Wharf spot with four years in operation under their belt. The business partners Alycia Piazza and James Capadona behind Art Attack SF, are making moves in the Castro. Unlike the old space they once had, […]

The Art of Fiber: Stephanie McGovern Spinning Masterpieces

Raised in a small farming town outside of San Francisco, Fiber Artist Stephanie McGovern, discovered the power of threads, forms, and materials through the gallery community and harassed them to create breathtaking sculptures. Making anything from installations to wearable apparel, is there anything she can’t do? Constructing pieces of Ruby Rose’s face to abstract cloth […]

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