black lives matter

Rockridge Launches ‘1619 and Beyond’ Product Line to Spark Conversations on Black Progression

In honor of Black History Month, Rockridge — an apparel brand built to empower and support the next generation of Black and Brown leaders — is still selling their “1619 and Beyond” designs, a limited edition shirt for men and shirt-dress for women that will help fund local Oakland charities with proceeds from the sales. […]

An Open Letter To My (and Everyone’s) Filipino Elders: Black Lives Matter To Us

Titos (uncles), titas (aunts), kuyas (older brothers), ates (older sisters), nanays (moms), and tatays (dads), and to my peers who have been silent. Your silence is deafening. For people who are so tight knit as a family and as a community, where are you now that we: your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, adings (younger sibling) […]

Class Of 2020: James Juanillo—Founder and Activist

When it came to curating this list, in the midst of a cultural upset, a global pandemic, and a civil war amongst the people—we were at a crossroads. How do we create a Class Of guide when the world seems to be falling apart every single day, how do we honor people and their achievements […]

‘HOUSING BLACK’ Mural Debuts in Tenderloin, Bringing Attention to Black Homelessness in San Francisco

Yesterday afternoon, philanthropic creative Malik Seneferu unveiled the massive “HOUSING BLACK” street mural on Tenderloin’s Golden Gate Avenue—echoing a chromatic call to fight the housing disparity and insecurity that runs rampant in the city. And across the Bay Area, for that matter. Developed in collaboration with a bevy of organization and community notables—Code Tenderloin, St. […]

Wear Black, Bring Flowers: Reflections From the Juneteenth Rally and The Black Panther Party

About a week ago on Juneteenth, I saw a post on Instagram about a rally taking place outside the Alameda county Courthouse to commemorate the legacy of the Black Panther Party, the same courthouse where said Panthers protested the trial of Huey P. Newton for the death of an Oakland police officer in July 1968.  […]

‘They Didn’t Even Read Me My Miranda Rights’: Demonstrators Recount Their Arrests During San Francisco’s Historic Curfews

The bandage covering a societal wound — that piece of adhesion masking systemic racism and the abuse of power wielded by law enforcement — has been ripped clean off. The past few weeks have spanned the gamut of hope and despondence, to bouts of civil justice and episodes of absolute unrest. And in the case […]

Collective of Black Bay Area Creatives Push for Juneteenth’s Observance, Shining Light on its Cultural Significance

Juneteenth wasn’t taught in the vast majority of public and private schools, leaving now-adults (and still-enrolled youths) to scratch their heads at the holiday’s importance. That in and of itself is part of the problem. A day meant to venerate the liberation of those who had been held as slaves in the United States — […]

Eyes of a Protest: Black Lives Matter in Oakland

I sat with my hands on my head, wondering how we got back here. Another black man blatantly killed on camera. Again… Minneapolis was burning…  George Floyd was murdered by police during an arrest in Minneapolis on May 25th. The officer knelt on his neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds. I repeat. Eight […]

June Editor’s Letter: Black Lives Matter

Hello, this is Anthony—founder of Bob Cut Mag. I hope you’re doing well and thriving to the best of your capacity. I did not put out a May editor’s letter, with the passing of George Floyd and details of both Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor plus with the emerging news of Tony Mcdade—I needed time […]

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