What Is Hex Decoding?

The computer is made up of many small circuits; each circuit comprises many transistors switch, where the state of the switch can be either on (1) or off (0). The computer uses 0 and 1 digits to store data, called Binary numbers, and this binary system is a number system having two as a base. […]

What is the difference between sandstone and flagstone?

Sandstone and flagstone are both stones used commonly in construction work, building, decorative items, etc. It is said that flagstone is a type of sandstone. The components between sandstone and a flagstone differ. While they are commonly seen in construction works and artifacts, both materials are still primarily used in the everyday construction of objects. […]

Do Red and Orange make Yellow Color?

Color Theory:  Color theory is not the most difficult thing to understand but can get complex if your basis isn’t clear. It can be defined in simple terms, as the incredible number of ways the blending of colors works to come up with something that visually pleases the human eye and is sort of tuneful. […]

Photo Galore: The Color Factory Up Close and Personal

When in Rome, make a colorful mess. If you haven’t been tuned in to our Instagram, we had a fabulous Insta-story takeover (with Danielle Rueda) about her time at the Color Factory. Being her photographer self, we could not not post the gorgy photos that ensued.  This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring […]

San Francisco’s Color Factory is an Alice and Wonderland for the Senses

Blues, yellows, burgundies. Oh my! You’ll want to step away from your computer and reunite with your inner preschooler this month, because The Color Factory’s officially in town. This pop-up interactive experience is the precise intersection of pure glee, delightful immaturity (we’re talking about the whoopee cushions) and rainbow-tinted Instagram candy.) Leah Rosenberg and Erin […]

Things To Do: Celebrate the Creative Life of Rex Ray This Month at Gallery 16

Both “Isidia, Scylla” — Rex Ray Retrospective, photo courtesy of Gallery 16 The timeless works of acclaimed and adored San Francisco artist, Rex Ray, will be on display at Gallery 16 from May 4th to June 30th—limelighting his world-renowned, unapologetic notions of what true artistry is. In 2015, the Bay Area lost one its most […]

Style’d SF: Opal Pineapple Is The Bay Area’s Vintage Day Dream

Corina hand makes the ceramic objects that vary from vases, plant holders and small sculptures. She is inspired by beauty found in nature and looks to replicate and incorporate its textures, patterns and forms in her pieces. Just like with all other aspects of the girl’s brands, Corina emphasizes her attention to quality and creating […]

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