Does Walgreens allow dogs in their stores? – Know More

Introduction   Walgreens is a multinational and one of the biggest selling pharmacy stores in the united states. It was founded and headquartered in Chicago. With more than two thousand branch stores in the country and across Europe. Walgreens deals and specialize mainly in health drugs and products. They prescribe and give out information about human […]

Best Dog Puns

Since time immemorable man’s best friend has been their four-legged companions, dogs. Not only do some dog owners treat their dogs as a family member but also spend a considerable amount of time with them daily. Everyone is aware of the fact that people with dogs have better physical and mental health than non-dog owners. […]

Are Dogs Allowed In Target?

Target might be one of the largest retail store companies in the world but they have certain rules and restrictions when you visit their stores. Target stands 8th in the United States of America as the largest retailer. Read more Are Dogs Allowed In Target? Since it is a huge company, most people would think about […]

Who Let The Dogs Out? 7 Dog Parks in San Francisco Worth A Tail Wag

If this year hasn’t been the year of connecting with your furry companion, then you know the struggle of finding a familiar dog park that suits all your and their needs. The cities dog parks are sprawling yet few—so many regular parks double as dog parks if you really need them to be. Though this […]

Visit the Bay Area Pet Fair to Surround Yourself with Fluffy (and Feathery) Vibes

(Responsibly) Find your new four-legged BFF this weekend. Ready to meet the new love of your life this Saturday and Sunday. The Bay Area Pet Fair—aka the largest pet adoption event in California—is returning for its sixth year at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, ready to who you a wet nose you can’t resist. The fair […]

The Dogs in Drag Were The Highlight of This Year’s Pride Parade

Sashay, you stay! And your collar is hella cute too! The streets were alive with all the colors of the rainbow this past Sunday. And while the drag was hella fierce too, another cohort of parade goers, too, had a strong snatch-game—the pups of Pride! (Yes: I’m referring to the actual canine variety…and not the […]

Cuteness Overload: Our Fave Costumes + Looks For Corgi-Con 2017

A post shared by 🥞 Pancakes 🥞 (@pancakescorgi) on Jun 17, 2017 at 5:01pm PDT We give a ruff and a bow wow to the innovative costumes and looks these cute corgi’s were sporting on Saturday afternoon. To commemorate the cuteness, we’ve compiled our favorite looks from #corgicon. Because who wouldn’t say no to a […]

Dog Massages Are Now A Thing

Photo via Pexels There is a service for everything and your pups aren’t missing a woof. SF has just welcomed it’s newest and most needed resident, yes, a doggy massage and spa. Two wags for yay, one wag for yas. Founded by Shelah Barr, a masseuse of many canine companions has brought her healing hands […]

Who Let The Dogs Out? Eleanor Bostrom Sure Did

All photos courtesy of Eleanor Bostrom If you haven’t better acquainted yourself with SF’s makers and do-er community, you wouldn’t see the mass amount of ceramics artists doing so many great things Bay wide! Everything from cups made for your hand to making a serious political statement. For Eleanor Bostrom, her work doesn’t need to […]

A Dog’s New Best Friend: Bio Bag Is Cleaning Up SF’s Poopy Problem With Easy To Use Disposal Tools

And we get it — SF’s lack of proper disposals for your furry friend’s number 2 is by far insulting. This newest program (which kicked off last weekend) is working surprisingly well. Instead on considering the waste merely garbage, SF has now declared that your best companion’s poop can now be classified as compost. Kind […]

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