Is there Romance in The Cruel Prince?

Are you also a fan of Holly Black novels? Wondering where to start? Which next Holly Black novel series should you read? Or you feel left out while others talk about The Cruel Prince, and you remain silent in the group. Read more about Is there Romance in The Cruel Prince? Hold on. Here are […]

What does a Fien mean?

Introduction:  Vocabulary plays a vital role in lifting your language standard and elevating command over the language. When it comes to the English language, There are many meanings for a single word. Which can mean multiple things simultaneously. And these kinds of comments are called Polysemy. The word fien is also one of the words […]

How Many Adjectives Are There In The English Language

“Each of these four gorgeous puppies was born to my dog.” What would you attain if you took away all the adjectives from this sentence? “Dog gave birth to puppies.” Isn’t it crazy? We make use of adjectives in our language all the time, and we don’t even realize it! An adjective can give your […]

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