Can you eat killifish?

Oceans And Seafood Earth’s oceans have been blessed with a vast magnitude of flora and fauna. These diversified plants and organisms form the ecosystem of the oceans on planet earth. These large massed water bodies are home to millions of species, of which many are the predators and many others serve as their prey. Of […]

Are Pickerel Fish good to eat?

Pickerel fish are also known as walleye, doré, or snakefish. The fishes are characterized by a golden brown color with a white belly and huge silvery eyes along with two dorsal fins located at the back. Jersey waters are the native place where this species is available. They also have sharp gill plates that can […]

Can a Hagfish Kill You?

Hagfish, a ridiculously unique creature with no vertebral column but a skull. These are generally eel-shaped and most often slime-producing marine fish with its initially scientific name ‘Myxini’ with over 70 species. Hagfish is a confusing animal present in the ocean because it is neither an actual fish nor a true invertebrate. It is usually […]

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