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Cassava Launches Balboa Village Delivers with Eat Americana and Kio Ramen To Offer Free Restaurant Delivery Amid the Pandemic 

We’ve waxed on the following for some time: it’s a dire time for our city’s small business, particularly those that cut their teeth serving patrons local food we’ve come to love. Alas, we’re knee-deep in what many refer to as a “restaurant apocalypse,” help is a need in all manner of shapes and forms. Eateries […]

Issue 7: Yuka Ioroi

cas-sa-va : the starchy tuberous root of a tropical tree, used as food in tropical countries but requiring careful preparation to remove traces of cyanide from the flesh Cassava is also a restaurant, located in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Owned and operated by a local-based couple, the close-knit team at this unique eatery […]

Shop Talk: The Village Place Brings Aesthetic Ceramics To The Outer Richmond

Village Place, a new gift shop in Outer Richmond, has opened its doors at 3425 Balboa Street at 35th Avenue. Owned and operated by two sisters, Sarah Wright and Marjan Philhour, this collaborative local business is the neighborhood’s newest one-stop shop for San Francisco themed gifts, children’s clothing, pet grooming supplies, and beautiful ceramic pieces. “The […]

Do You Believe In Psychics? We Gave One The Good Ole’ College Try

Art by Kayla Soler We’re not prone to make believe and magic but psychics in SF have sprung up fast in the last year. Taking over small business spaces and apartments–our question: how do they stay afloat in a competitive SF housing market. We’ll be honest. We’ve never been inside any particular psychic’s work space. […]

Style’d SF: It Is Always Better For Living

Photography by Joe Holtrichter, art direction by Danielle Gaito, modeled by Logan Link   Better For Living can mean everything and nothing all at the same time. For us, we live in the muted colors and absorb the laid back ambience. Take in this beautiful store and it’s wares below.     // Logan is […]

Off The Menu: Fiorella’s Outer Richmond Digs Are A Brunch Daydream

Photography by Grace Sager And their food is pretty bomb. Laying low in the realms of the Outer Richmond, you can find Fiorella — cooking up some delish thin crust pizza and feeding the hungry brunch crowd who flock to their spot daily. Under the direction of Dante Cecchini, former Chef de Cuisine at Marlowe, […]

Chic Market Alert: Mainland Market Co. In The Outer Richmond Is A Huge Hidden Gem

Everything from homemade mochi to Equator Coffee drips, Mainland Market Co is a serious go-to in the Outer Richmond. Stocking fresh produce daily, the team over at Mainland Market Co has taken the chic to the outer reaches of the Richmond. Catering to a wide variety of shoppers, their open air market is highly curated […]

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