Do you have to return to the same Redbox?

Redbox machines are generally found in convenient stores (previously grocery and drugstores) for renting movies and game discs. Once you have rented a disc, return it to any Redbox within your community.  Redbox kiosks offer 2-day rentals for $1. If you have paid a low rate to get your discs from Redbox without even coming […]

How Much Does it Cost to Live in a Trailer Park?

The population in America is rising and the market of jobs is sinking, the youth Americans are looking for ways to cut short their living and adapting to trailer parks or mobile homes. This has increased the popularity of such homes over the decades. Many find trailer parks a better option than rental apartments and […]

Mayor London Breed Announces Moratorium on Evictions Related to COVID-19

A bit of relief for those who are afraid of what’s coming at the end of the month. Today, Mayor London N. Breed announced a moratorium on residential evictions related to financial impacts caused by COVID-19. The moratorium will prevent any resident from being evicted due to a loss of income related to a business […]

Why Money Terrifies Me, It Shouldn’t But It’s The Driving Force In The Bay Area

Money literally scares me. Making it, spending it, splurging it. I struggle getting comfortable with it enough to part from it. But with living in San Francisco, freelancing, and starting a publication—I should be able to pat myself on the back. I struggle to be real, to be fiscal, and to be indulgent when I […]

Going From 300 Square Feet To 150 Square Feet—4 Key Steps To Making It Work

When in SF, downscaling is never fun (especially when the rent upscales) but we have to make due and sometimes it’s better to seize the opportunity. So for those who have been on the move, finding sunrooms, closets, and other smaller quarters to call home—we’ve carefully thought of how to turn your space into a […]

According To Experts, Millennials Are Moving To San Jose—Though, Are We?

And it’s been a perennial question on the tips of everyones paychecks. SF is too damn expensive. But are we fleeing to a city that’s double the size of San Francisco as a whole? Recently released reports say, yes, we are. San Jose comes in seventh on Smart Asset economist Derek Miller’s list of cities […]

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