Why Japanese Maple Trees are so Expensive?

Introduction Most people, especially east Asians only know Maple trees because Maple leaves are the national symbol of the Canadian flag. Japanese Maple trees and syrups are famous in Canada and Northern America. But, The Japanese Maple Trees are considered a little costlier than the Maple trees from other countries. These plants are called Acer […]

Why are Japanese Maple Trees So Expensive?

The scientific name of Japanese Maple is “Acer Palmatum.” The word ‘Acer’ means ‘sharp’ in Latin, and it can be from the Celtic ac, which means ‘hard.’ The other scientific word ‘palmatum’ means hand-like in the Latin world, which refers to the size and shape of the leaves.  The originality of these expensive trees comes […]

How long does it take for a Thuja green giant to become established?

Thuja green giant is a hybrid between the American native red cedar (Thuja plicata) and its Asian native called Thuja standishii.  Thuja green plants, which are also called Green Giant Arborvitae are evergreen coniferous trees. They come from the Cupressaceae(cypress) family genus. There are five species of coniferous Thuja around the world. Two species are […]

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