Black Female-Owned Dispensaries and Delivery Services in the Bay Area To Support on ‘OIL Day’

Today’s OIL Day — though we bet you didn’t know that. (Spoiler alert: either did we.) But of the major vehicles that can one steer themselves through the world of cannabis with, oils are among the best. They’re simple to dose, often sold with specific THC and CBD percentages and ratios; they can be smoked […]

Goldenseed: Cannabis Fit For the Golden State Lifestyle

Let’s discuss weed. And I’m not talking about the pot you found yourself smoking on a college night in some hazy dorm room decorated with cheap tapestries and poorly strung Christmas lights. I’m talking about real, meticulously cultivated marijuana. It’s not so hard to find nowadays given that the medical marijuana market has provoked an […]

Cannabis For The Win: Recreational Cannabis Sales At The Apothecarium Are Now A Reality

This year will be a great year for recreational cannabis sales, as The Apothecarium has launched the now sellable portion of their business to the masses. “Alright, let’s sell some marijuana,” echoed store manager Michael Caruso as he declared the doors opened roughly before 11 a.m. If you haven’t been too aware, California passed the […]

The Simple 4/20 Guide Of The Bay Area’s Chic Edibles, Accessories + More!

Graphic by Ashley Tarr Marijuana is legal… Well, not until January 18th but getting to know your local brands, bites, and people is incredibly necessary to champion your cannabis journey in the Bay Area. Our editors have carefully curated their favorite edibles, accessories, and even apps that make the getting high process easy and approachable. […]

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