Who Let The Dogs Out? 7 Dog Parks in San Francisco Worth A Tail Wag

If this year hasn’t been the year of connecting with your furry companion, then you know the struggle of finding a familiar dog park that suits all your and their needs. The cities dog parks are sprawling yet few—so many regular parks double as dog parks if you really need them to be. Though this […]

Hello, Little Gardener: Where To Pick Up Plant Babies in San Francisco

When you walk into a sanctuary of brisk aromas and beautiful shades of green, resisting the urge to bring home a colony of new succulents, air plants, or cacti is a difficult challenges. But if you wanted to support local in turn, we created this guide—make sure to call ahead to see if these spots […]

Class Of 2020: MILITIA—Drag Queen & Singer

When it came to curating this list, in the midst of a cultural upset, a global pandemic, and a civil war amongst the people—we were at a crossroads. How do we create a Class Of guide when the world seems to be falling apart every single day, how do we honor people and their achievements […]

The Day the Street Lights Stayed on in San Francisco

September 9th will forever now exist in my mind as the day San Francisco’s street lamps never ceased glowing. I awaken in a sodium-vapor lit morning and peer out of my bedroom window. It is 9:00 a.m., and the backyard gardens of my neighbors look like a martian hellscape. I trip down my apartment building’s […]

Black Female-Owned Dispensaries and Delivery Services in the Bay Area To Support on ‘OIL Day’

Today’s OIL Day — though we bet you didn’t know that. (Spoiler alert: either did we.) But of the major vehicles that can one steer themselves through the world of cannabis with, oils are among the best. They’re simple to dose, often sold with specific THC and CBD percentages and ratios; they can be smoked […]

How To Celebrate Your Mother on Mother’s Day Even If You’re Apart

Happy Mother’s Day to those all around the world—it’s trying times we live in but being able to call your mother, a mother, or a mother-like figure is oh so needed. And of course, we don’t need just one day to celebrate mothers as a whole, every day you should be celebrating those who brought […]

This Weekend Grab a Rosé Cocktail and Get Cultured With Documentaries and Art Shows Alike

I have to admit; it has been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings since we first started to SIP. Some days have been easy, and some days quite honestly have been tough. But I still look forward to the weekend, even though it may not mean the same thing it used to – there […]

The Weekend Is All About Seeing The Sunnier Side of Life Through Meditation And Digital Nature Walks

The Bay keeps trucking along. Don’t tell us that we’re canceled, we will always find a way to keep the motion in the ocean. In times like these we always turn to nature, creatives and healers. They provide the joy, the calm, the escape–and they always seem to express how we are feeling in ways […]

Art To Pass The Time: Zai Divecha Shows Us How To Make Paper Stars

Why not keep your hands moving when there is virtually nothing to do. Our favorite, Zai Divecha, posted a fun YouTube tutorial on how to make paper stars. Though meditative to some, this is a great task to get kids occupied for a good 40 minutes as they make 100 stars. A Yale graduate (in […]

Today Is The Tartine Union Vote: The Moment of Truth for San Francisco’s Food Small Businesses

The time has come for the famed bread shop and their dedicated team members to vote on if they will unionize officially. More than 200 workers at four Bay Area locations of the beloved bakery will soon decide whether they’re joining a union. The San Francisco locations—the original Tartine Bakery and Tartine Manufactory in the […]

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