Month: April 2018

Uh Huh Honey, A Book About Kanye West That We Didn’t Know We Needed

When the fandom cries, it screams—for Red Gaskell, a former SF-now-NYC inhabitant, his Kanye West inspired book has reach a sickening level of popularity overnight. When Kanye revived his Twitter account, the internet went wild—so wild, in fact, that the fandom couldn’t keep up. Drawing conclusions left and right about his one-sentence updates, the cryptic […]

Inside The Studio: Fabricating Art with Zai Divecha

Zai Divecha—a multi-faceted artist that knows no bounds in her creative measure.  When we got to meet Zai in her shared Potrero studio, we were greeted with warm vibes, chic interiors, and a space of pure talent. A Yale graduate (in both her undergrad and grad), Zai went on to work in Bay Area tech, […]

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