Month: April 2018

Weekend Escape: Nick’s Cove is California Perfection

Californians have always had a remarkable talent for escape. We made an entire state for this purpose, did we not? From the peaks to the valleys, expansive cities to tiny, rural towns, inlets and islands, and everything else in the space between fantasies, this state knows how to get out of dodge in gorgeous places. […]

Wrecking Ball Coffee’s Founder Nicholas Cho Bestows Us With A Sexy ASMR Video For The Coffee Connoisseurs

And yes, it’s as weird as you think. The man, the myth, the legend… No, not Randy Savage—Nicholas Cho has always had a keen sense of what’s “hip” and “cool” when it comes to what’s the new-new. So for our viewing (more listening) pleasure, the coffee leader put out a near five minute video of […]

OMCA’s Ode to J.B. Blunk’s Work and Life is a Must-See for Every Nature and Art Lover Alike

J.B. Blunk was a man with a vision—one he cut from redwood using chainsaws, no less. I’ve long marveled at the asymmetric works of Blunk. His innate, obsessive attention to detail, his unapologetic use of recycled mediums– and yes, his savviness with an aggressive lodger tool. Like all those in the world who possess some semblance of […]

Cinyo de Mayo And Hella Dance Parties Await You This Weekend

Another weekend, another treat for your stomach. A margarita rumble (no, seriously) with San Francisco’s best marg spots is happening, as well as a bike-riding Tour de Pizza and a dance festival in Oakland. Things not to forget to bring: an appetite and a good freakin’ attitude. There’s about to be a rumble on the […]

San Francisco’s First Matcha Cafe is Here, and We’re in Love!

Matcha Cafe Maiko opened its doors just a few weeks ago in Japantown and has already taken the SF insta-scene by storm.   But judging from the hordes of people lining up for a peep, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. We got the chance to chat with owner Chris Chin to […]

Uh Huh Honey, A Book About Kanye West That We Didn’t Know We Needed

When the fandom cries, it screams—for Red Gaskell, a former SF-now-NYC inhabitant, his Kanye West inspired book has reach a sickening level of popularity overnight.  When Kanye revived his Twitter account, the internet went wild—so wild, in fact, that the fandom couldn’t keep up. Drawing conclusions left and right about his one-sentence updates, the cryptic […]

Symbols of Actual Life: The Legion of Honor Redefines Art for the Masses

This means much more than just a smattering of massive, gorgeous canvases… It often strikes me quite plainly, the contrasts of this city. The modern innovation mixed with history, the buzz of youth coexisting with the hum of the long established, the profound wealth just a street over from poverty. This juxtaposition of two extremities […]

Unbound and Rewritten: San Francisco Ballet’s New Festival of Works

If you hadn’t already noticed, San Francisco Ballet is a force to be reckoned with. Over the course of the past few years, this company of masterful artists has not only churned out more perfectly executed classical ballets than ever before, but also offered a wildly new, fundamentally different, and inarguably profound collection of original […]

New Art Installation Comes To Hayes Valley and It’s Big

Being erected at this very moment, Patricia’s Green is getting new art for the center of Hayes Valley. This fractal sculpture is a 50-foot-tall steel and light installation that was originally commissioned for and by Coachella / 2SQUARED. According to artist Charles Gadeken, the cubic form and fractal arrangement of 3D light pixels are supposed to […]

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