Am I suicidal or attention-seeking?

Am I suicidal or attention-seeking?

There are various occasions in an individual’s life that could trigger them. This could be the smallest action or thought. For instance, a person fidgeting with a pair of scissors could cause another person across the room to stand up and leave the space altogether. This is just a subtle sort of inconvenience that has been portrayed. Sometimes these minor disadvantages lead to bigger problems, like emotional stress, further leading an individual into Depression. Let’s find out, Is a person suicidal, or simply seeking attention?

Mental Health is one of those issues which is even today treated as a taboo around the globe and hasn’t been given enough importance or value. Unfortunately, people die of it every single day, and there are still individuals who are either not educated enough or are well educated and still ignore the issue as though it doesn’t exist in the first place. This article deals with the idea that has been questioned extensively and still goes unnoticed, Is a person suicidal, or simply seeking attention?

The difference between ‘the Depressed’ and ‘the Narcissistic’:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to constantly keep interrogating yourself? Asking yourself whether you’re good enough or not? Whether anything you do matters or is just a matter that can be ignored in your life, like most other aspects, YOU, for instance? 

These are the kinds of questions an individual asks himself/herself when they face serious issues and are trying to or wish to seek help but cannot afford to for various reasons, one of the many being: the fear of rejection or that of being ignored. They do not wish for the fact to hit them at all, the fact that they might not matter as much to someone as they assumed they did, which in turn leads them to conclude the issue in a confused state of mind or to bottle their feelings up altogether, which at any given point in time could screw the whole atmosphere up. 

People who have serious issues or are in dire need of help are mostly the people who have been constantly ignored or sidelined and framed for not doing their best or maybe just not doing enough or not being good enough. These people eventually fall into Depression and find it hard to break through the vicious cycle of self-doubt and hatred. 

Most of us confuse these people with people who seek attention, those who live for attention, and who could go to any extent to achieve that. Unfortunately, to differentiate between the two, there is no particular test that could help. Still, intuitions do surprisingly give a hand at it. 

Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

NPD is a kind of disorder where a person is likely extensively pompous for some reason and regards himself/herself as superior to others. 

Most persons having NPD are the ones who seek this attention that is often confused with Depression. So if you are asking yourself the question, ‘Am I depressed or just seeking attention?’ You are likely depressed or probably just sad because a person seeking attention would never deal with their thoughts; an examination of conscience is out of the question.

People with NPD think that anything they do should be admired, and criticism shouldn’t be an idea of the plethora of somebody before them because they seek to somehow destroy that individual’s dignity is not the best way. These are our attention-seeking gangs; they tend to act out if someone fails to give them attention or feels ignored. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is visiting a therapist alright?

A1. People think that visiting therapists is only for the weak-hearted; it is believed that the individuals seeking professional help for matters of the mind are probably insane, which is false. It is mostly the people who avoid a therapist for lame reasons like these, who need to meet one first. Visiting a therapist is almost like visiting a friend, but just one who helps you out of the mess that might have been created consciously or subconsciously in your life; they are simply your private listeners who suggest things to you or break things down for you for your betterment. 

Q2. What are the causes of Depression?

A2. Depression does not have to have a single cause, it can have multiple, and it can be acute or severe. The cause aren’t even definite; Depression could be caused by an intense situation that you previously might have faced in your life, or f you are constantly triggered by something, it does not particularly have to be the loss of a loved one or a divorce or a breakup. However, these are included in the list. It could also be due to financial instability or stress. Bottom line, multiple factors could trigger Depression, not one. 

Q3. How is one mentally affected by Depression?

A3. Depression is the product of mental health in the first place; it is not something that goes the other way round. An individual’s brain is the most powerful organ in their body; it controls the whole body itself. Depression, thus, is something that is caused by various triggering experiences and needs to be treated before it worsens. It can lead to a person losing interest in almost everything, feeling disinterested and like nothing matters; it also leads to fatigue and bad immunity and mobility. People suffering from depression often tend to push people away and seclude themselves from their usual routines or others in general. 

Q4. Is Depression something that can be cured?

A4. We cannot claim that Depression can be cured, but remission is something, or the reduction of the disease can be possible. Depression is not something that happens overnight or even over weeks. It is caused over a long frame in time, so the condition getting cured is not possible. We cannot even treat Depression as a disease actually; Depression is a mental condition that needs to be treated professionally to stabilize this ‘state of mind’ situation 

-Lydia Lynette Daniels 

Am I suicidal or attention-seeking?

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