What are the Anime Personality Types?

Light Yagami, Guts, Eren Yeager. These are characters from anime shows. Anime is a Japanese-invented, animated art form enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Known for its astounding art and meaningful storyline, anime has indefinitely impacted the world in a way that is interesting. For this article, we’re going to be looking at the anime personality types […]

Realist vs Visionary

What is a realist? Today’s topic- Realist vs Visionary. A person with a real personality type depends on real inputs. They are realistic, logic-driven, and open-minded. These persons judge a situation as it occurs. The situation does not contain sentimental impacts when they represent it on their terms. Since these persons are targeted in the […]

What does Enneagram 4w3 mean?

The enneagram is a system that determines human personality as various personality types and their interconnections. There are multiple traits for numerous personality types, and we all will be a mix of some of these traits. To find out what mixture of personality best suits us, it is good to take an enneagram personality test […]

Famous INTP Anime Characters

Anime characters can be of different personality types based on how they are portrayed and the viewers’ perception. Following the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, one can find out the personality that suits the anime character.  What is INTP? There are 16 types of personalities that can be indicated with the help of the Myers Briggs type […]

Deeper into the World of Depression Chat Rooms

Depression is the most common mood disorder that affects millions of people. It is defined as a long period of sad mood which results in a loss of interest in activities or hobbies that once brought us pleasure. Some other common symptoms include changes in body weight and sleep cycle, constant fatigue, inability to think […]

Some famous Lone Wolf Quotes

A lone wolf is a person who isn’t dependent on anyone for their work or anything related to them. This type of personality works and acts according to them. They really don’t want anyone else to decide or do anything for them. They are fine with them, with their own company. Read further to know […]

What is an INTJ Character?

The INTJ character type is one of the sixteen personality types created by Isabel Briggs-Meyers and Katherine Briggs, based on Carl Jung’s personality type theory. In this article, we will explore some fictional characters associated with this particular personality type. INTJ Characters are often observed by viewers as ambitious but private, not to mention superb […]

What is Reserved Personality?

You might be in your school, college, workplace, restaurant, cafe, with a group of friends or anywhere else, you must have observed that there is always one person who doesn’t speaks much, who doesn’t involve in the discussion, wants to stay alone, who might also hesitate to ask questions or replies in a quite confused […]

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