What Is A Standard 2 Car Carport Size?


Protecting your vehicle from excessive UV rays radiated by the sun can help you save the car’s color and preserve the paint for a more extended period. All vehicles must be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and more so, you should consider a carport if you do not have one. If your vehicle is always packed outside without any protection, you would have your car under it each time it rains or intense sun during the day; it might not be the best for your vehicle. Make extra space for your vehicle under the car’s protection and prevent its body from being heated directly by the sunlight and other dust particles that file with the dust. Read more to know what is a standard 2 car carport size.

In short, the standard two-car carport size is 18 feet by 21 feet; meanwhile, you might decide to make extra space for more convenient parking. A 2 car carport is designed to house two cars, and most of the time, it can be customized to the size you prefer. Say you love spending some time outside; an extra shade area can be added to the carport to shade as a sitting area for you or some of your family’s.

All about a two-car carport 

A 2 car carport is attractive and fully functional as it protects your vehicle from wind, sun, rain, and some other environmental conditions. It is a metal structure that is mostly measured as 18 feet by 21 feet. Meanwhile, you would agree that most families possess at least two cars, and preserving car paint and protect it from weather conditions such as hail, bird dropping, tree branch breakage, leaves, and many more carports are extremely important. Perhaps you live in the northern hemisphere of the country; you would know that getting out of your car is another daily battle you should fight. You might, however, have a second thought that if you did have a single car, why would you have to construct a two-car port. Well, after parking your car, you can still have some extra space to welcome your guest at the outside space of your property, while the space can still be useful for other machines like your motorcycle or lawn tractor. With this in mind, if you want to keep your car nicely parked and also have some other space to enjoy the cool evening after a busy day, increasing your two-car carport to about 24 feet by 24 feet would do. Read further and find out that what is a standard 2 car carport size.

Can you fit two cars into an 18 by 21 feet carport?

Since 18 by 21 feet is the standard two-sized carport, then there you have the right measurement for your carport. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking to maximize your space, and you think increasing the size of the carport would affect your existing space; speaking to the professional carport designer would give you a head’s up of how you can achieve the goal. 

Yes, the standard measurement for a two-car carport is 18 feet by 21 feet; you do not want to crowd yourself; you would need a little extra space to ensure you make your parking more decent. If you prefer to store some extra items in your carport, then a little space isn’t bad. This standard measurement is reliable for two smaller vehicles, while there would be limited space for any special maneuvering while you are packing the vehicles. Some challenges might occur if you opt for this standard two-car carport, and you might have to look for how to manage these challenges.

Here are few challenges of buying the standard two-car carport.

  1. If you parked two cars into the carport, there would be little to no extra space for you to store anything else like other car accessories, a workbench.
  2. The car might hit the metal frame holding the carport if you are not an expert driver while parking the vehicle. Besides, you might end up scratching your car if care isn’t taken while parking your vehicle into the carport after you are back home.
  3. Also, you must take extra caution while driving out, as you can’t drive out in a hurry or because of any emergency as it would be easy for you to hit the metal frame of the carport and have your car damaged. 

Summarily, you can opt for the standard two-car carport, but you must be extra careful with your driving, and there could be only limited space left for any other activity after you have packed your two cars. 

What are the average two-car carport dimensions?

The dimension of the carport, which is average, can be difficult to fit all the vehicle types; this is because the average is always in between. Just like meeting an average person, the person would be in the middle ground; the same would happen to your carport. For example, say you have two trucks as your vehicle; the standard carport would not fit your vehicles. The best width you should then be looking at for your vehicle to fit perfectly would be 22 feet and above. Meanwhile, say your township permits you, and you have the luxury of space. It is recommended that you have a carport that is 24 feet wide.

The length of a two-car carport also matters because you would want to have a carport that isn’t covering your vehicle enough, and some parts are leftover outside. Then the point of a carport is defeated. On the other hand, most of us want to store more than the recommended two cars, so a small space for your motorcycle isn’t bad, while a small stool or chair you can sit on isn’t a bad idea. The length you should be working with should therefore be based on the length of your car. Meanwhile, what else you want to have under your carport would determine the size you would be opting for.


Your car safety and security from environmental factors should be your priority. Constructing a two-car carport would help you protect your vehicle and keep it safe from environmental conditions like hail, snow, sun UV rays, and many more.


What happens if I build a carport without a permit?

Some consequences follow any construction erected without permits, which can be very severe from the administration in charge.

Does adding a carport increase home value?

If you are hoping to sell your home soon, possibly not in a way you are expecting, adding a carport to your home does not automatically upscale the value of your home. Many homeowners believe that if they had a carport to their home, they would automatically go up. Meanwhile, some of those existing homes have a garage already. 

What Is A Standard 2 Car Carport Size?

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