Does Roto Rooter Charge more after Hours?

Does Roto Rooter Charge more after Hours?

Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water cleanup provide plumbing services, sewer and drain services, water drainage services to U.S. citizens. It is based in Cincinnati and was founded in 1935. Roto-rooter is the largest provider of plumbing services in the US and Canada. Read more Does Roto Rooter Charge more after Hours?

While there are a lot of speculations about roto-rooter and its services, one might get confused about whom they believe. So this article is here to help you find about the charge rates of roto-rooter services.


Roto-rooter is a subsidiary of Chemed corporations, its CEO is Kevin J. McNamara. The CEO of Roto-Root is Spencer Lee. There are 120 company locations of roto-rooter and 500 franchises of roto-rooter, as per the LinkedIn page of the company.

Roto-rooter has its international branches in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

The roto-rooter service company in Cinnamati handles the plumbing services of the company. The roto-rooter corporation in West Des Moines, Iowa handles the manufacturing of roto-rooter drain cleaning machines and operations of other franchises of the company.

Roto-Rooter services

Rooto-Rooter mainly provides two services—the first is plumbing and drainage and the second is water restoration services.

Under plumbing and drainage services it offers services like Drain cleaning, Emergency plumbing, Toilet Repair, Sewer lines and excavation, Faucet repair, Sink repair, Sum pump, Garbage disposal repair, Shower repair, Dishwasher installation, Video camera inspection, Leak repair, Washing machines, Pipes, Commercial Services, Water heater.

Underwater restoration services roto-rooter offers water damage cleanup, water removal, emergency flood services, basement flooding cleanup, Mold remediation services.

Roto-Rooter’s services are available 24/7 in most localities of America. Roto-rooter is available in every state of the U.S. 

Once the customers call roto-rooter for their services, their technicians arrive at the customer’s homes within 2-3 hours. The plumber assesses the problem and estimates the repair and replacement needed. They do not charge any trip fees for estimating repairs and replacement.

A service charge of roto-rooter

The service charge may depend upon the customer’s location and their problem. As some services cost less and some might cost more. Typically, the price may range between $160 and $800. The average price of roto-rooter for unclogging the drain is $350.

Roto-rooter charges a flat rate instead of the per hour rate. And this makes roto-rooter a more pocket-friendly option when the task might take longer to complete. Generally, they don’t ask for extra money to work extra hours, at nights and weekends or holidays.

People living in states with more cost of living have to pay more for the plumbing services and vice versa. Some way, residents of rural areas are charged less than residents of urban areas. Plumbing cost is more in the localities where tree roots often interfere with the severe lines.

While the service charge is not fixed. However, here’s an estimated price one might have to pay for the following problems. These prices might help people decide whether they should call a roto-rooter plumber or a local plumber.

For common plumbing issues—

For issues such as toilet clogging, drain clogging, line repairs, dripping/leaking faucets roto-rooter may charge $400 or and a lesser amount.

Installing or plumbing pipes

Roto-rooter may charge $400-$1,000 to install or do the plumbing of pipes after any leaks or bursts.

Auxiliary services

For emergency services or extensive works, the service charge might cross the $1000 mark also. It’ll cost more than $1,000 For services such as water damage remediation, flood servicing, and mold remediation, etc.

Some of the services can also reach the $20,000 mark based on the difficulty of the problem, emergency, and location, etc.

Roto-router coupons

Roto-rooter coupons can help you save money on the service charge of roto-rooter services. You can check if you can get coupons or not through the company website by entering your zip code, and postal code. There are promo codes for roto-rooter services as well as roto-rooter products from different websites. One can search for coupon codes on different coupon offering websites for the same.

Reviews about roto-rooter services

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited A+ rating to roto-rooter and its services. You can find negative as well as positive reviews about services. The customer experience depends on the local management. Sometimes you may find a review that states negative things about the service while reviews are stating professional service being delivered by the plumber.

Should one call a roto-rooter or local plumber for the plumbing services?

One should take this decision based on reading reviews about different plumbers available in their locality, and the service experience of other people, and then whether they’ll be able to afford the service charge or not. Then they should hire a plumber.


Roto-rooter service experience depends on the residency area of a person, management of the service center, etc. While roto-rooter doesn’t charge hourly, its service charge depends upon other factors like the extent of the damage, emergency, or the area where one lives. The best advice to hire a plumber is to check thoroughly for all options and their services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What is the cost of a Roto-Rooter drain cleaner?

A roto-rooter drain cleaner costs $17.05 on Amazon.

Q.2: Does the roto-rooter charge according to hours?

No, roto-rooter charges for the complete service as estimated by their technician.

Q.3: How much does the roto-rooter cost for making quotes for the repair and replacement?

Roto-rooter charges no fees for making quotes.

Does Roto Rooter Charge more after Hours?

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