Amazon Pricing Mistake Policy

Amazon Pricing Mistake Policy

In this article, we will discuss Amazon Pricing Mistake Policy.

Pricing mistake is included in the list of common peril faced by almost every e-commerce platform where the products are displayed with a faulty price. 

Federal law does not bound Amazon to hold the price mistake instance. In spite of the levy given by the law, Amazon looks after the grievances of the customers on a case to case basis. Many of the times Amazon rectifies the pricing error as soon as it comes to its knowledge and the customers are required to pay the correct price of the product. To dive deeper into the price mistake policy and whether Amazon honors it or not go with the flow of the article.

Amazon’s Price Mistake

Tagging a product with an incorrect price is what price mistake is all about. This occurs as a result of a technical snag, a glitch on the merchant’s end, putting in the wrong input, typographical error, and many other reasons. Besides, the algorithm drops the price of stocks until there is a purchase made of the wrongly quoted product. However, if the customer has already bought the product then Amazon may not demand the customer to shell out more cents. On the other hand, if the product is being selected and lying on the cart, in that case, the customer has to pay the rectified price to buy the product. 

Does Amazon Honor its Price Mistake? 

As mentioned above Amazon is not obligated to honor the deal entered in the scenario of price mistake. This proves to be the sole reason why customers’ effort of contacting Amazon via chat option goes into wane. Another ground on which customers do not find success in the chat option is because the employees answering the chat fail to have the authority to honor the transaction. Hence customers are advised to contact through the toll-free number of Amazon and resolve the matter. Due to the non-obligatory nature of the deal Amazon honors the incorrect pricing in selective cases only.

How to Report Amazon Regarding Price Mistakes?

1. Go to the page of the incorrectly quoted product. 

2. Choose the “Report Incorrect Product Information” option.

3. Select “Other product Detail” from the first drop-down list, and then “Price Issues” from the second drop-down menu.

4. If required, type any sort of comment and then tap the “Submit.” 

Following the aforesaid steps, a consumer can register a complaint with the e-commerce giant. 

Whereas a seller is supposed to go to “Help Pages” in the “Selling on Amazon” section to know about altering product details

Can Amazon Cancel Order in Price Mistake?

Amazon can cancel the order placed by a customer in price mistake, but generally, they do not resort to canceling the order placed. They can merely ask merchandise sellers to honor the transaction on the price listed, and the ultimate decision resides in the hands of the seller, who have the freedom of canceling the order and refunding the amount back to the customer without furbishing any explanation. 

How to spot a Price Mistake and distinguish it from a scam?

The occurrence of Price Mistake is not a rare event, and it happens now and then. The challenge is how to be abreast with such incidents. The most effective way is to turn on the” Deal Alert” to get hold of price mistakes by; this customer will receive an email as soon as a “good to real” deal pops up in the future.

The moment such kinds of deals are spotted, one is advised to grab the opportunity without wasting even a fraction of a second before the glitch is being fixed. But one has to be cautious regarding the authenticity of the seller offering the deal. If there is no genuine source, then keep such offers at bay.

What Steps did Amazon take to shun Price Mistakes?

Definitely, Amazon has a reputation to maintain and is one of the largest e-commerce sites across the globe, and it leaves no stone unturned to avoid erroneous situations like Price Mistake. Amazon has given the sellers entire responsibility for stating the price of their products and getting them delivered to the customers. Nonetheless, Amazon keeps a close watch on the prices charged by the seller, including the shipping charges. Amazon tends to compare the price of a product with past prices and the price of similar products on the site. The “buy box” option of the product is removed, or in grave situations, the license of the seller is suspended if an exorbitant price is set up by the seller that can harm the customer. 


Altogether, no law is abiding Amazon to honor the incorrect price displayed of merchandise, but this does not at all imply that Amazon will not pay any heed to customers’ grievances but will strive to resolve the matter in the best way possible, which of course will vary from situation to situation.

Amazon Pricing Mistake Policy

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