Is Mcdonald’s meat real?

McDonald’s has gotten a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons regarding its beef patties. The rumors about its beef being not real have been circulating. The talks about McDonald’s buying its beef from a source that does not sell real beef has been going on. The talks about its beef being worm meat have been rumored about too. But these are just tales. McDonald’s will never do such a thing because it cares about its customers. Two, worm meat costs a lot more than beef. Therefore, one must not believe everything that’s out there in the news and analyze it for oneself to debunk such news.

Is Mcdonald meat real

So, Is McDonald’s meat real? 

Yes, McDonald’s serves real meat. There is no doubt about it. They serve real beef, chicken, pork, and fish. Everything non-vegetarian that is on their menu is 100% authentic. Of all the meats McDonald serves, the news about its beef has been questioned mostly. The beef has been the most questioned one and it has been in controversy for a long time.

McDonald’s journey into switching to fresh beef.

McDonald’s had shifted from frozen beef to fresh beef in spring 2018. Most of the fresh beef is made in quarter-pound burgers in America. In the United States, you will find tasty fresh beef on its menu. Since its shift to fresh beef, this has been a popular choice ever since. The evidence is in the increase in sales. McDonald’s took three years to make that change. It is one of the achievements of the company and ever since that change, it has made an increase in its sales.

Places from where McDonald’s gets its beef from.

McDonald’s gets its meat from all parts of America. They also get it from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They have a supplier in Oklahoma called Lopez foods. It is one of their oldest suppliers since 1968. McDonald’s gets its beef, pork, and chicken from it as well as from ranchers all over the US.

How does McDonald’s prepare its controversial beef patties?

As of now, you are familiar with the authentic news that McDonald’s meat is 100% meat. Here is how a beef patty is prepared. The beef is put into the grinder and shaped by the meat machinery. The fresh beef is seasoned with only salt and pepper to increase its taste. They make no additional stuff like filler, additives, or preservatives in their meat.

The parts of meat used.

The chuck, sirloin, and round ground-up mixture of meat are used to make the patties. The cattle are fed with grains, grasses, and minerals. Mcdonald’s care for Sustainability also led them to a sustainable way of sourcing its fish and chicken as well.

Mc Donald’s technique of preparing fresh beef.

Fresh beef is more difficult to handle than fresh ones as it has more chances of contamination. The employees went through relearning a skill on how to handle the new changes. The employees have to be careful not to let the raw beef juice on other ingredients or other food. They wear blue gloves to make sure such things don’t happen. The employees are given proper training to handle mishaps. McDonald’s added new packaging equipment and installed refrigeration capacity, and many other things to aid in the proper handling of the fresh beef. 

You must try the quarter pounder as it’s always 100% fresh. There are two types of meat used in burgers. The 10-1 is flash-frozen but if you want 100% fresh meat, go for the 4-1 meat.

What about other meat like chicken, pork, and fish? Are they real?

Well, these thoughts must have crossed everyone’s mind a couple of times. Yes, the other meat items are also 100% meat. The McRib, chicken nuggets and filet-o-fish is made from real meat. The McRib uses pork shoulder to make its sandwich. The chicken nuggets are made from breast, tenderloin, and rib meat and are marinated for enhanced taste. Mcdonald uses real fish in their famous Filet-O-Fish. It is from the Alaska Pollock which is wild-caught. McDonald’s gives huge importance to environmentally friendly ways of sourcing its food. Hence, Mcdonald’s sources the fish from a sustainable fishery as well. The chicken that McDonald’s uses is not treated with any kind of antibiotics that are important for human medicine. This policy of not using antibiotics was started in the year 2015. The chickens are USDA inspected.


McDonald’s meat is sourced from the right places and monitored with the right mechanism to make it safe from human consumption. While you are ordering your Big Mac, chicken nuggets, or the McRib, enjoy it to the max as the meat is 100%meat and McDonald’s is open about how and where they source it from. So enjoy your meal happily and heartily.

Is Mcdonald’s meat real?

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