Does Postmates Take Cash?

Postmates, with its network in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the United States, is a delivery platform that delivers all kinds of goods, including groceries, food, drinks, at your doorstep from local stores and restaurants. Postmates, with the feature of accessibility to everything from anywhere, is a well-known on-demand delivery platform in the States. Does Postmates Take Cash?

Does Postmates Take Cash?

Postmates does not accept cash as a method of payment as of now. It is a cashless delivery platform. Neither does it allow payment through any other means, including the EBT and the PayPal payments. Postmates has a verifiable method of payment. It is Postmates Cash. 

What Is Postmates Cash?

Postmates Cash is the very own method of platform for carrying out all the payments. All kinds of transactions on Postmates are performed using mobile payment with Postmates Cash. 

Postmates manage Postmates cash to keep track of all the payments done at checkouts, even the tips. Postmates introduced Postmates cash as the verifiable payment method to maintain the platform utterly cashlessly. Even in canceling orders that are yet to be done, the refund is done through Postmates cash due to any circumstances. The platform has strictly centered and restricted all the transactions to mobile payments only. With their payment method, they present the customer opportunities like gift vouchers or cards they can redeem while checking out and paying for gifts. However, you can now access your Postmates Cash in your Uber Wallet Uber Cash. You can further use this for making transactions in Uber during your checkout.

Orders At Postmates

You can place your orders using the mobile application or log into the website quite conveniently. A key point about ordering at Postmates is that all orders placed are prepaid. Order is accepted only when the payment is already made before delivery. Postmate does not accept cash-on-delivery as an option to make payments.

Some Common Payment Methods Not Available at Postmates

Except for a few, all other payment methods are ruled out during checkouts at Postmates. Some of the familiar, reliable, and most used payment methods, that are not acceptable for making payments on Postmates are as follows:

  • EBT – The Electronic Benefit Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Any prepaid cards, including debit cards, visa cards
  • Cash App
  • Google Pay

However, Apple Pay is a convenient way for all the Apple users to be accepted by Postmates. If the customer using Apple has money in their Apple Wallet in Apple Pay, it can be used to pay on Postmates.


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Postmates and its services are answered below:

  • Can we tip the Postmates delivery man in cash?

Postmates suggests you to avoid making any kind of payments through cash. Even if the customer wants to tip the delivery man, it is recommended that the payment should be made strictly through the app or the official website using mobile applications.

  • Can I track my orders at Postmates?

Yes. Postmates, an incredible business model, has incorporated the facility of tracking orders live. You can just know the live location of your order and how far the delivery man is or how much time your order will take before it reaches you.

  • Can we order things like tobacco at Postmates?

The answer to this question is yes. You can order goods like tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and other goods from local stores using Postmates. It is an on-demand delivery platform eager to serve you with everything you crave from anywhere. 

  • How much does Postmates charge us for the delivery of goods?

The delivery fee on Postmates ranges from $0.99 to $9.99, depending upon your order. Also, a service fee of an average of 10% of the cost of items ordered is charged during the checkout. However, with the monthly paid special program of Postmates Unlimited, you can redeem some special offers and free delivery service by paying some amount periodically.

  • What is Postmates Unlimited?

It is an exceptional service to make it more economical for those who often order from Postmates. By signing on Postmates Unlimited, you will get free delivery if the total at your checkout is more than $12. This exclusive service of Postmates is currently available at the flat price of $9.99 per month. 

  • Is Postmates a chain of restaurants?

No, Postmates is just a delivery app that serves its customers with doorstep delivery of goods from groceries or local stores and food, drinks from restaurants. Also, unlike platforms like UberEats, Postmates is not exclusively partnered with any restaurants or stores. However, it has recently launched a merchant program through which one can officially tie up their restaurant or stores with Postmates by signing a contract and paying up a specific part to Postmates for delivery service, thus adding to the revenue of the company, proving the program to be a profitable one.

Does Postmates Take Cash?

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