Does Walmart Take Coupons?

The earlier realization of the effectiveness of coupons in the life of many businesses and its revenue growth and also on the brand image shifted the focus on how marketing is done for most products and services as evident in Walmart store.

Does Walmart Take Coupons?

To become a pro and the leader in enterprise and most business stores especially Walmart, they have relied on coupons that have played key roles in attracting customers into their retail stores across the globe. Walmart coupons have had a great impact on the retail store image even without great investment in brand marketing as they operate on an everyday Low Price strategy.

Steps to Use Walmart Coupons and Grab Discounts

Walmart has made the process so easy and to use a coupon, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1, Log in to your Walmart account or sign up if you don’t have one at

Step 2, Select the items you wish to purchase from the store.

Step 3, Navigate to chart and check out and proceed with payment and add the Walmart promo codes and click on apply the promo code box.

Step 4, Apply the codes and verify the discount and finalize the order.

Coupons Available at Walmart

The Walmart retail store has a complete policy on their coupons that can be found on their coupon policy online page.

Here is a summary of the coupons accepted by Walmart stores:


The coupon applies to only one item of paper from every manufacturer and it’s not limited to the variety it can be used in total transactions. To be accepted the coupons must contain; the manufacturer’s name, the GS1 barcode for scanning, the valid address of the manufacturer, and also a valid expiration date to be presented before its expiration.

Internet Coupons (Print-at-Home)

Walmart retail stores also accept valid internet printed coupons from the manufacturers that have GS1 barcodes for scanning. Internet coupons are only valid if they were scanned properly, with no alteration, and should be clear.

Buy One Get One Free Coupons (BOGO)

The Walmart BOGO coupons are only valid whereby two valid items must be available at the store in which case, one item is paid for fully while the second item gets a 100% discount on its retail price.

Exclusion on Walmart Coupons

The Walmart retail store reserves the right to accept and even rejects a coupon under the following scenarios:

A digital coupon scanned from a mobile phone.
A coupon in form of a voucher or gift card.
A coupon that does not have a GS1 barcode.
A coupon that has an expired validity date.
Any coupon made by third-party partners.

In the event of questions and clarification, feel free to reach out to the Walmart support store and learn more about their coupon policy.

Tips to Follow for Smooth Experience in Coupon use

Below are some of the tips to explore as you embark on using coupons at Walmart retail stores:

The Use of Shopping Apps

Shopping may require in-person purchases and as Walmart offers both experiences on in-person and online shopping, little in-depth look into available items that are on offer may end up saving a lot and the coupon money can buy even more as compared to impulse purchase.

Go for Discounted Items

Walmart retail stores offer monthly clearance deals on most of its products and timing such dates will even buy more on the coupon.

Hunt for Walmart Coupons

Shopping with a coupon requires one to have one and the most likely sources of Walmart coupons to ease the shopping experience include:

The use of coupons applications such as the coupon app, google, and apple stores.

The coupon websites include and

Lastly, look for coupons on various Walmart displays.

Final Thoughts

The goal of every consumer is to save and what better way if not by the use of coupons? In the U.S. the Consumer-Packaged Goods marketers group reports that only 1% of shoppers can redeem coupons and the resulting 99% of shoppers lose coupons worth more than $460 billion. We hereby challenge you to start hunting and redeeming those Walmart coupons now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do most U.S. shoppers fail to use their coupons?

Answer: Most individuals may want to use the coupons but some fail to realize their expiration dates and later come to realize when they want to redeem them.

2) Do Americans still trust coupons?

Answer: Research has shown that even though digital markets have replaced stores, most people still want to save money hence they use coupons and hunt them from the store displays, coupon websites, coupons apps, and also on newspapers.

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Does Walmart Take Coupons?

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