Does Crunchyroll accept prepaid cards?

Crunchyroll is one of the leading licensed sites that can be used to view Japanese Animated series ( aka anime ), manga, and dorama. The Crunchyroll premium includes an ad-free experience with an ever-expanding manga database which can be viewed through any device connected to the internet. Does Crunchyroll accept prepaid cards?

Does Crunchyroll accept prepaid cards?

Crunchyroll does accept most manners of prepaid cards and you will be able to get the membership through this method. Although, not all prepaid cards will work, and to ensure that your prepaid card can be used to get the Crunchyroll membership you need your card to have a valid billing address and sufficient balance.

Steps to use a prepaid card for the Crunchyroll membership

Below is a list of the detailed steps to use a prepaid card for the Crunchyroll membership as well as some frequently mentioned problems you may face.

Step 1

Go to and log in with your mail address and password.
If you do not have an account already you can make one using the signup option that is present right next to the login option.

Step 2

Click on try premium and then select view premium plans, and you should go to a window that shows you three possible premium packages – Fan, Mega Fan, and Mega Fan (12 months). Choose the package you want and click on it.

Step 3

You will be forwarded to a window with the possible payment options, from there select credit/debit cards.

Step 4

Simply fill in your card details with the corresponding passwords.

When you get a confirmation on your email your account should be activated.

What kind of prepaid cards will work?

When it comes to prepaid cards, not all of them can be used to buy the Crunchyroll membership. A problem that a lot of prepaid cards have is their billing address issues.

What this means is that companies like Crunchyroll require a valid billing address and sufficient balance to ensure that the subscription can be renewed every month.

Requiring a billing address is a security feature that verifies that the card is yours. Card companies and merchants use this because it cuts down on fraud, which costs both parties money.

Therefore most visa cards will work as they can be used to link your address to the bank. On the other hand, single-use prepaid cards will not work as they do not have a valid billing address.

Why choose a prepaid card?

At first glance prepaid caRds seem to have a lot of disadvantages, the constant billing address issues, the recharge issues, and so on and so forth. So why choose a prepaid card in this circumstance?

The biggest advantage is that you will not need to set up a bank account to use your prepaid card which reduces the hassle and work required to operate compared to a traditional debit or credit card.

A prepaid card also ensures that you don’t overspend as it limits your spending amount to the amount in the card and not a cent more. It is also safer to use and reload as they work like any other debit card and can be recharged in a variety of ways.

What does the Crunchyroll premium offer?

Crunchyroll is one of the largest streaming services that focus solely on Anime and manga, with over 120 million registered users it has an amazing user database with the biggest anime and manga collections.

Most of the series and movies on this site are completely free and even the manga collection boasts a free experience.

You can also view the latest airing Japanese TV shows and read the latest releases in the manga section.

The free version of this site, however, comes with ads as well as video quality that does not exceed 420 P. The premium version on the other hand is a cut above and much more diverse.

With the premium package, you can get a completely ad-free experience as well as a 1080 P full HD video quality. The databases in the premium packages also get renewed much quicker compared to the free package.

If you are a hardcore anime and manga fan you should go with the premium version as you will be able to get rid of ads and watch higher resolution videos.

Crunchyroll services are available on the following devices;

iOS phones, tablets, and laptops
Smart TV’s and gaming consoles like PS and Xbox
Roku, amazon fire stick and other content streamers
Android phones
Browsers and Google Chromecast
Windows 10 supporting devices


The streaming service Crunchyroll accepts the majority of the prepaid cards as long as they have a valid billing address and sufficient balance. With the Crunchyroll premium, you can lose all the ads and experience a 1080 P full HD streaming experience.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Visa prepaid card not working?

Although Visa prepaid cards do work they need to be connected with a valid billing address before you can use them to buy the Crunchyroll membership. After you have successfully connected your card to a valid billing address you should not face this problem.

Why did my membership not get renewed after a month?

A problem you will face when using prepaid cards is that every month you will have to buy the membership again as these cards do not have the feature of automatic monthly payments, as long as you have enough balance on your card you can use it every month to buy the membership again.

Do gift prepaid cards work to get the Crunchyroll premium membership?

No, gift prepaid cards will not work as they do not have a valid billing address or any way to connect an address to them, the only way to get the gift cards to work is if they have been originally bought from the Crunchyroll store.

Does Crunchyroll accept prepaid cards?

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