Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

Lowe’s is a home improvement retail company that has its retail shops all across the United States and Canada. Lowe’s has all the departments ranging from cleaning supplies to electrical supplies to building supplies to automotive to kitchen appliances and many more.Here we see about Lowe’s lumber return policy.

According to Lowe’s return policy, if the item isn’t used, you can return it and get an exchange or refund for it within 90 days from the purchase date and this works for lumber as well. 

Lowe's Lumber Return Policy.

 Things you should keep in mind while returning your purchased item:-

  • 1.A valid proof of your purchase is required. Example:- receipt or a return barcode(look for it in your order details).
  • 2.The items that you are willing to return should be not only unused but also undamaged.
  • 3.According to Lowe’s return policy, your item may be exchanged or a refund for the same may be provided to you either in cash or credited to your account.
  • 4.The purchase and return should be from the same outlet.
  • 5.It’s interesting to see that they have special rules in their return policy for the one who buys stuff using Lowe’s Commercial Account(LCA), Lowe’s Business Advantage(LBA), Lowe’s Advantage Card(LAC), or Lowe’s Business Reward(LBR). These buyers can return or exchange their unused items even after 1 year. 

In case you purchased an item online and weren’t satisfied, you can ship it back as well. Just make sure to provide them with all your purchase details along with a return slip.

Non-refundable items In Lowe’s lumber Return Policy:

  • 1.Any damage to mechanical or electrical items after the purchase won’t be entertained. They very clearly state that the buyer is supposed to inspect such items very well before buying.
  • 2.Anything purchased from a third-party card such as a visa or MasterCard falls under non-refundable items.

Items that fall under the 30 days return policy:-

  • 1.All the major appliances and electronics like TVs, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves among many others.
  • 2.Liquid paints.
  • 3.Plumbing equipment.
  • 4.Highway trailers(should be returned along with their papers).
  • 5.Holiday items. ( these must be returned before the holidays. Example: Halloween, Christmas). A very important note to make here is that according to Lowe’s 30 day return policy if any holiday items purchased after holidays are considered final sale/purchase and won’t be returned. 
  • 6.Outdoor power equipment such as generators, snow throwers, hedge trimmers, wood chippers among many others.

ID proofs that they might ask for Lowe’s lumber return policy:

  • 1.First things first- receipt of the bought item. 
  • 2.A valid picture ID- it could be your driver’s licence or state ID.
  • 3.Your phone or mobile number.

Pointers that do not fall under the Lowe’s return policy but might help you:-

  • 1.If you receive any damaged item due to shipping or any item that is in need of replacement, you can call their customer care number for help within three days of receiving the product.
  • 2.You can also use Lowe’s  Service Advantage hotline number in case you need any general assistance or repair with your product. An appointment is needed for the same 


Yes, you can return your stuff that didn’t serve your purpose which you didn’t release while buying. The only condition is it should be unused and in a good state. Lowe’s will provide you with an exchange or refund for your purchase according to their policy.


Q1. How far back does Lowe’s look for a receipt?

A1. Lowe’s can look back up to 90 days to 3 years of purchase. In some extreme cases, it can go back to 5 years.

Q2. What if I don’t have the receipt of my purchase anymore?

A2.  Don’t worry! Lowe’s got your back. They have all stored in the computer invoice in case you purchased in cash and they surely will have your credit/debit card details if you purchase through it.

Q3. Is it troublesome returning the products frequently?

A3. Yes, returning too many of your purchased items can lead you to problematic purchases in the future. You may also get blacklisted.

Q4. Does Lowe’s track the returns of its customers?

A4. Yes, Lowe’s does track the return of its customers. Mainly those customers who return the product more often. They do so as to keep an eye on any fraud activity happening. 

Q5. Can I cancel my lumber order from Lowe’s?

A5. Yes of course you can. There is no harm in cancelling your order. Just keep in mind that the order should be cancelled three days before delivery. If you are cancelling a special order of lumber then Lowe’s may charge you up to 20% of the restocking fee.

Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

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