Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Suppose you have ever asked yourself or still want to know does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?. Then, worry no more, because your doubts and confusion about this disturbing question will be tackled right now and here in this guide.  Have you ever tried buying an Amazon gift card from Walmart, and you find out that there are no Amazon gift vouchers for sale at Walmart?  They are not even out of stock; they are never replenished. Walmart carries a variety of gift cards, but Amazon is not among them.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Reason – Walmart Doesn’t Sell Amazon Gift cards 

It is because of the competition between the two businesses. Neither one gives gift cards for the other’s products.

How is it possible that this is the case? 

Walmart does not appear to sell Amazon gift cards.  Amazon and Walmart are in a battle for customers’ dollars. Neither company is likely to send customers to the other’s side because they target the same demographic. 

Take a little time now. Imagine, when you’re out shopping for your friend, you’re unlikely to leave with just one gift. You’ll almost certainly get something in return for your time and effort. As long as Walmart is involved, this is a safe bet. These singular statistics apply to all businesses, both online and offline. Walmart, knowing this trick, will not want to shove its customers to Amazon. No! They won’t do that.

This also explains why Walmart gift cards aren’t available on Amazon. It’s everyone’s goal to keep their customers happy.  Generally, gift cards aren’t sold for a profit but rather to draw clients into the business and persuade them to make more purchases in the future.

What happens when you buy an Amazon Gift Card at Walmart?

When you buy an Amazon gift card, the money you pay for the card is put on the card for future use. Walmart can only profit if you also purchase something else from them. In this regard, Amazon gift cards are just like any other gift card. Still, the fact that a customer can buy other stuff than just the gift card and have repeated buying behavior is what Walmart can not make light of, nor can Amazon do the same. 

They both believe that selling or stocking each other’s gift cards will have a tremendous negative impact on their businesses in the long run. Moreover, a gift card purchased at an Amazon competitor’s store is essentially a form of currency that Amazon can only use. In other words, Amazon will profit from your purchase. 

Everything you buy from Amazon or is affected by this. This is also true on Amazon. Walmart is a significant rival of Amazon in the United States. Competition in the retail market is fierce between the two companies. Walmart gift cards can be ruled out as a means of driving shoppers into Amazon’s stores.

This contest offers more than just gift vouchers as a way to win. Neither Amazon nor Walmart’s websites can be used to buy things from the other company’s website. Walmart does not sell any Amazon private-label products like the Echo, Kindle, Eero, sold on Amazon by third-party vendors, not by Amazon itself.


My final thoughts on the subject are summarized in the following paragraphs. Walmart does not appear to sell Amazon gift cards. This is because Walmart and Amazon are directly competing. They do not carry each other’s gift cards. Walmart wants you to shop with them instead of There is no point in purchasing an Amazon gift card from a competitor because you take money away from their bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1

Does Walmart sell Amazon stuff apart from the gift cards?

Well, the answer to the question is NO. Amazon and Walmart are great competitors. They don’t sell anything belonging to Amazon, just like they don’t stock or sell their gift cards. Neither does Amazon sell Walmart stuff.

Question 2

Can I Buy Walmart Items and Sell on Amazon?

The answer to this question is YES! You can buy so many items on Walmart and sell them on Amazon as a third party. Many people all over the world have made millions of dollars through this. You, too, can do the same.

However, you have to note that the charges are high. As much as the offer is juicy, most people shy away from it because of its high payments. So, my advice is to check them out and see if you can do it. If, yes, then you are good to shoot!

Question 3

Where can I buy cheaper items?

People often ask to know between Amazon and Walmart to buy cheap but excellent items.

The answer to this question is Amazon. Research has shown that Amazon sells cheaper items than its rival Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

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