Does Adidas Accept Klarna Financing?

We have all been there: Entering in your favorite shoe store and finding the gear of your dreams. You really need this beautiful article but wait—what’s that? The price is equal to 3 of your salaries together and you have like less than half in your account right now. You really need this item, but you cannot afford it at once. So, do you give up.? No, you should not because you suddenly remember that this store offers financial services i.e., payment through Klarna so you get more time to pay. See Does Adidas Accept Klarna Financing?

Does Adidas Accept Klarna Financing?

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a company which works as a financial technology whose main idea is to change custom traditions of paying at once and thus giving customers more comfort of shopping through short loan services. Although it is best to pay all at once but if someone offers you interest free loan to buy now and pay later, you should take it. The flexibility of buying a product by spreading the cost over interest free installments is provided at Klarna

Klarna was founded in 2005 and is recognized globally in more than 17 countries. It offers short interest free loan services to buy now pay later to the  buyers. Its working model is same as that of other acknowledged companies like  Zip , Afterpay and Affirm etc. It is one of the fastest growing companies which has simplified the buying experience without affecting the credit scoring. It gives its consumers a very smooth and efficient shopping experience.

Klarna partners with more than 200,00 shops all around the world. The most popular brands which use Klarna includes Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, H&M, Lululemon and Sephora. So you can get everything from clothing to health and beauty, all on installments. 

The purchase is split into 4 interest free installments which can be paid in 4 weeks. The first one is to be paid at the time of purchasing while the rest can be paid anytime in 4 weeks. 

Klarna charges a transaction fee from its consumers which is only $0.30. A late fee up to $7 is charged by shoppers if they fail to pay the installment. 

Klarna works independently. It is not owned by the retailers it works with. For all the payment options and return policies , you will have to contact Klarna if you are using it. 

As of 2021, Klarna has more than 4000 employees and it has generated revenue of 1.08 billion USD.

Klarna and Adidas:

Adidas has always been a brand which is loved by people so in return, it always aims to provide smooth and flexible experience of shopping.If you want some new gears this winter from the world-renowned brand Adidas, then again Klarna is at your service. Klarna announced their partnership with Adidas US in 2020 after which customers could buy their iconic kicks and all other accessories on monthly installments. 

To buy the latest footwear and apparel from Adidas using Klarna, you simply need to go to the Klarna app and search for Adidas in it. 

 Find the items of your choice, add them into your cart and select Klarna as your payment option at the checkout. Now your payment is split into 4 monthly installments. Remember that you need to have enough balance in your account to pay for your first installment. It is as simple as that.  

Another good news is that since you have selected Klarna as your payment option and you are eligible to pay within a month then you get your purchase before even paying the full amount. Your order is shipped at your place without you paying the upfront. 

Moreover, it gives you a chance to try the product first before you actually buy it with no burden on your credit card. You do not have to worry about remembering to pay as the remaining payment is automatically deducted from the credit card information you provided at the checkout. 

Return Policies for Adidas:

Klarna also offers wide range of return policies for Adidas. If you do not like the item that you bought, then you can return it and you will be refunded the first installment that you paid. The rest of the installments are also canceled immediately. If you want to keep somethings out of your purchase then this is also possible. You will have to pay for those items only and Klarna will itself adjust the payment without you doing much. 


Adidas as participating retailer for Klarna is a huge blessing for adidas lovers making their shopping experience more comfortable. It is very safe to use as it is a legitimate company used by millions of well trusted brands. So if you really need anything from your favorite store then worry not. With Buy Now Pay Later services of Klarna, you can purchase whatever you want. 

Does Adidas Accept Klarna Financing?

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