How Much Is a Gucci Belt?

Gucci is a well-known Italian brand known for its multiple products, from ready-to-wear clothing to accessories. Their products use high-quality cotton and leather, and therefore, come at a cost. One of their products include Gucci belts, known for its high-quality leather. See How Much Is a Gucci Belt?

How much is a Gucci Belt?

It is no surprise that the products, including belts, will be expensive for using such material. Gucci belts cost anywhere between $400-$700, but prices can go low or high depending on the product and who is buying it.

However, Gucci does not sell just one kind of belt. They have many designs to offer, and each has a price. If you want to know about all the different Gucci belts and how much they cost, then continue reading for more information.

Different Types of Belts and Their Prices

Gucci belts are available in varied sizes, colors, and designs. Some belts use materials that might affect the prices, depending on what that material is. For example, a belt might have jewels, making it significantly expensive than others.

The typical Gucci belt comprises a Double G logo at the front, with the belt made of black leather. It is a well-known belt worn by many celebrities and is the most purchased one so far. The cost of these belts is around $490, and this price is the average for all other belts, both for men and women. 

Gucci does not leave out anyone when it comes to its products. They have belts available for children as well. Children grow out of their clothes and accessories, so they do not need that item anymore. Hence, the costs are low, around $290, and can go as low as $180. 

But some of the belts are priced above the $600 mark. These belts are either limited edition, or required a lot of manufacturing costs.

So, here is the list of expensive belts for both men and women, which costs more than $700.

Expensive belts for Men

  • Crocodile belt with interlocking G – $1,200
  • GG Marmont thin caiman belt – $1,150
  • Leather belt with snake buckle – $750

Expensive Belts for Women

  • Chain belt with interlocking G – $1,600
  • GG Marmont caiman belt with shiny buckle – $1,200
  • GG Marmont thin caiman belt – $1,150
  • Wide leather belt with Double G – $1,050
  • Chain belt with interlocking G buckle – $1,050
  • Lizard belt with interlocking G Horsebit buckle – $980
  • Chain belt with interlocking G charm – $980
  • Leather belt with crystal Double G buckle – $950
  • GG Marmont chain belt – $890
  • Woven belt with interlocking G – $790
  • GG Marmont belt with enameled torchon – $770
  • Leather belt with pearl Double G – $700 

Gucci belts for Men

The men’s section does not have much to choose from. However, there is still variety in terms of colors and size. Most of the belts belong to the GG Marmont line of belts, a design that the belts are known for. Another well-known design within this line has the GG monogram in beige/ ebony colors on the piece of leather.

For men, these are go-to designs that fit any event that might be, and can be worn as either casual or formal attire. The prices range from $395-$590, but two of the belts cost above this range. One is a Crocodile leather belt for $1200, and the other one is a Double G buckle with snake for $650. 

Nonetheless, if you like to buy something different, they have other options to choose from which comes in multiple colors, size, and designs.

Gucci Belts for Women

Unlike men’s section women have more variety in terms of design, as well as in material. Again, GG Marmont line of belts is the common design line. However, within this, there is more to buy from. In addition to the usual sizes, there are wide belts, too, which can be worn around your upper waist area. 

The prices from this line range from $390-$690, but few belts cost more. The expensive ones are mentioned above in the list.

Women also have chain belts which are part of the expensive list. These also come in multiple colors to suit your desired style.

Gucci Belts for Kids 

As mentioned before, Gucci also has a line of belts for kids, both boys and girls. The line of belts is limited, as boys have ten options and girls have thirteen. However, each belt is unique so it gives plenty to choose from.

The cost of the belts ranges from $185-$295, for both boys and girls.

Where to Buy Gucci Belts from Online?

You have the option to purchase it online on their website. You can also purchase them on Nordstrom, Amazon, or any other trusted luxury store. However, it is worth taking notice that Amazon can have Gucci products selling for cheap price, but they are not the original ones.


Hopefully, this article was helpful in providing in-depth information regarding Gucci belts and its costs. Do refer to FAQs to get useful answers to questions you could have.


Is monthly payment option available for the expensive belts?

Yes. During your purchase, simply choose whether you want to pay once or do monthly payment.

Why do prices vary across the belts?

Manufacturing costs, cost of materials and type of materials used results in varying prices.

Can I get a discount?

Gucci themselves do not offer discounts. However, retailers who sell Gucci products can offer discounts.

How Much Is a Gucci Belt?

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