How to Register Your Ikea Family Card

Here we will see about the How to Register Your Ikea Family Card

Recently IKEA has introduced the new IKEA Family Card, a loyalty program designed for IKEA shoppers. The goal of the card is to make shopping at IKEA more rewarding and easier.  It also gives you free parking at any of their retail locations. 

How to Register Your Ikea Family Card

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps needed to apply to get an Ikea Family Card. This is a great opportunity to save money at your next Ikea visit and gain access to exclusive deals! How do you register to get the Ikea Family card? Let’s learn!

What do we know about the Ikea Family Card

For those who are not familiar with this company, IKEA is a home furnishings store that was founded in Sweden in 1943. They offer affordable prices for high-quality furniture and they make it easy to put together your own furniture by providing instructions (with pictures) on how to do so. 

Ikea Family Card is a membership program that allows customers at Ikea the opportunity to save money on purchases. The more savings accumulate as you shop, the greater your discounts will be. 

What benefits do I get 

You might be wondering “why should I bother?” It’s simple when you create an account for your family at you can include up to four members to the family. You will get exclusive benefits, such as 10% off purchases that are made in-store as well online, free delivery from EUR149 and other exciting offers all year long! 

There aren’t any forms to fill out. Instead, the photo will be taken directly from their customer service area. It’s fast and simple. You can shop online as well as download the app to ensure that you will be able to enjoy special deals and freebies, as well as updates, and benefits as an IKEA FAMILY member. You also have access before anyone else to our Ikea’s popular items (including the bed!) as well as the first chance to get first-hand information on deals. The card is priced at $20 annually for children from 0 to 17 years old as well as adults aged over the age of 18 are charged $25 per year. An additional fee of 15 dollars is charged if you need to purchase an additional Family card (maximum of two).

How to Register for the Ikea Family Card

  • Go to then click “register” if not already signed into
  • Click to click”Create Account.” Click on the “Create Account” button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Give a valid email address, password.
  • You can also provide personal details such as the date of birth or your mobile phone number (optional) however, it’s not mandatory.
  • Make sure that after you’ve signed up for an account, you can return at any time by clicking on ‘log out at the top of the right-hand corner.
  • Once you’ve got everything set up now, you’ll be able to access your own online Family Hub where you’ll be guided through the benefits that are offered by Ikea Family membership. 
  • It is also possible to do this in your local Ikea store. You’ll need your membership number and email address linked to your account in order to complete this. If you are having issues with your membership, please give them the number 03036450000.
  • It includes store-wide discounts as well as exclusive promotions and offers along with earlier access to sales, and much more.
  • Keep your eyes on our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest information.

How to Gain the Most From Your Ikea Family Card

These Ikea family cards are a fantastic option to save money when you visit Ikea. Benefit from the discount, free shipping, birthday present as well as other benefits that are available only to those who belong to members of the Ikea Family Club! There are also exclusive offers that aren’t offered to the general population. 

  • Get a discount on the purchase when you show your credit card at the time of checkout.
  • Get free shipment on online purchases when you use your credit card.
  • You can get a birthday present from IKEA every year you own the card.
  • Get exclusive offers and special discounts only available for customers of the IKEA Family Club.
  • You can earn points with every purchase you make at IKEA and can be used towards future purchases.
  • Get a discount when you next visit IKEA with coupons along with the card. It offers discounts of 50 per cent off of your purchase!
  • Special pricing is available on specific items all through all the time at IKEA.
  • Enjoy free tea and coffee when you shop in-store or bring home an Ikea mug to use as an anniversary present (if you’ve already received the present within the last year).
  • Save money each time you purchase at IKEA with exclusive offers via email.
  • Access extra benefits such as children’s club events and family restrooms as well as baby care products, play areas, nurseries for children less than 3 years older (must be in the presence of an adult) plus more!

We hope that you will be enjoying being a participant in the Ikea Family and we can’t be more excited to share our insights on the same. It will always be a good decision to select Ikea and its exclusive benefits.

How to Register Your Ikea Family Card

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