Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture?


Here we will see about the Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture

IKEA is a furniture brand that sells ready to assemble furniture. Since the 2010s, IKEA has been on the rise because that can be purchased and made. Being cost-effective also helps them with increasing their market. IKEA, based in Sweden having the first shops opened in Norway and Denmark. IKEA also added the factor of being eco-friendly within a given budget. They also had innovative designs that gave a modern look to them. As of 2021, IKEA is the largest furniture retailer in the world. A lot of the customers, after the purchase, had decided to chalk paint the furniture.

Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture?

Yes, it is possible to chalk the paint on IKEA furniture. Most of the time, chalk-painted movables give a distressed look. Chalk paint has the quality of providing a matte finish, and due to this same reason, we cannot chalk paint over metal or shiny surfaces. To provide better adhesion and give a completely flat finish, one can sand down the furniture’s surface using a hand or an electric sander. For smaller pieces of furniture, this can be achieved using sandpaper.

Things Required to Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture:

Usually, the items required to paint with chalk paint  for a piece of furniture are readily available in home depot or ordered online. Using a mask will be helpful while chalk painting and during the process of sanding down the units. Other items required are Plastic wood filler, Chalk paint( available on Amazon), sandpaper or electric sand, foam roller, tray, tools to open out the paint can.

Sometimes the chalk paint will be accompanied by a matte finish clear coat. This paint is not shiny, and as clearly as the name states, it gives you a matte finish. Before starting to chalk paint, you might have to check for a few things. These are explained below.

Preparing the Furniture for Chalk Painting:

  • If drawers are involved in the furniture to be painted make sure to take it out. This is done to achieve a finished look. To avoid missing corners on the furniture, the drawers can be taken out. 
  • If the drawers contain clothes you could transfer them to a laundry basket. It helps in staying organized and not to get paint on your clothes. 
  • If the drawers have knobs on them, take them out too. The knobs can be easily removed using a screwdriver.
  • Once the furniture is taken apart, make sure to wipe it down using a cloth. This might seem like a very minor step, but if your furniture has been staying dusty for a while, it will affect the process. Having a clean surface to start with will give you a finished look without dust sticking on the paint.
  • If the furniture requires sanding, you achieve it using regular sandpaper or an electric sander. It is an optional step in the process since some of the furniture does not require to be sanded. Sanding can be a time-consuming process and, it gets dusty if you are opting to do it. If the furniture is taken out that would be the best option. Take it out to be sanded. In case this step is being done in the room, make sure to cover the items occupied.  
  • Sometimes you might plan on changing the knobs of the drawer. The old knobs can be removed by us using a screwdriver and, the knob holes could be filled by us using a plastic wood filler. This step might seem intimidating.
  •  Once the plastic wood filler is done, you can sand it down.

Painting using the Chalk Paint:

When starting to paint using chalk paint we have to remember that it dries up fast. Due to this reason try not to linger or overpaint the same spot. Cover as much area as possible. The fact that chalk paint dries up fast can be used to your advantage. Put on two or three coats in a day. The clear coat can be applied the next day once this gets dried up. Make sure to apply the clear coat. A clear coat can be applied twice or two coats.

A clear coat can be done to achieve the finished look. It also acts as a protective layer. This is the reason why it is always recommended to have at least two coats. It is also done to avoid scratching and to make the chalk paint durable.


Chalk paint is a great way to bring a twist to your old IKEA furniture. This can be opted to make the furniture last longer and endure damages. Chalk painting the furniture is also cheaper compared to polishing the furniture. The paint and related items are easily available in home depot or could be ordered from Amazon for a cheaper rate. Go through the steps explained and when handling heavy furniture try to get assistance for carrying it out. If you are using sandpaper inside the room make sure to clean the room well before using the room again.


How much would it cost to chalk paint IKEA furniture?

The tools necessary and the paint would come in between the price range of $20-$30.

Is it compulsory to sand before chalk painting?

It is not necessary to sand the furniture before painting. This is done to achieve a smoother surface to paint and to help the paint stick better.

Does chalk paint hold well on furniture?

Chalk paint holds well on furniture as long as the surface is not too shiny. They do last for a long time and might only require a redo.

Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture?

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