Is Queen Helene cruelty-free?

Is Queen Helene cruelty-free?


Life goes on as we carry out our various chores and duties. There is a lot that keeps us going and adds to our routines. Be it grocery shopping or gardening, certain aspects become necessary and regular. The idea is healthy living and a dynamic lifestyle. Among these comes pampering ourselves too. We do this in many ways like traveling, treats, massages, or even rejuvenation through healthcare and other products. These remain essential and work as a luxury as well as a medium to enhance ourselves. Some companies and products serve this purpose. With development and advancement, these too are making healthier and safer paths to achieving a rich and fruitful living. Here, let’s discuss ‘Is Queen Helene cruelty-free?’


Ladies, when you think of relaxing or treating yourself, one of the things that come to mind is a good facial or foot mask that can take all the stress away. You may also enjoy shopping these with the many cooling and fragrant options available. Many prefer natural and organic products to those with chemicals. Moreover, when it has to do with your skin and body, you don’t want to take a chance. Along with naturality, another popular check that people do while shopping for various products is whether they’re cruelty-free. One of the brands you can trust in cruelty-free body care is Queen Helene. 

About Queen Helene

There is so much to do when it comes to pampering yourself and your skin. Beginning with relaxing and exfoliation all the way up to serums and concealers, there are many interesting processes aligned for getting the look and feel you want. From hot oil massages to masks and styling, one really puts their heart on its de-stressing and other benefits. Queen Helene is a brand that produces a wide and diverse range of products for your body. From your scalp to your toenails, anything you may need in the detoxing and cleansing category, they have it all. With countless items starting with scrubs, lotions, shea butter, and more, Queen Helene is the only brand you’ll need for your skincare! 

Is Queen Helene cruelty-free?

Being a skincare product almost in line with makeup, whether or not Queen Helene products are cruelty-free matters a lot. In fact, it is a frequently asked question by many potential customers and dealers. Well, yes it is. Queen Helene products are cruelty-free and claim to use only natural ingredients in their products. Neither do they use animal parts as such nor do they experiment on animals, making them 100% cruelty-free. They do not deal with companies that aren’t cruelty-free either. 

Queen Helen products are said to be created not just beautifully but also smartly. Therefore, they avoid as many unnatural products as possible too. They stick to natural ingredients like cocoa, shea, aqua, aloe vera, and so on. They also have other ingredients namely glycerine, natural extracts and powders, sodium chloride, and safe and prescribed amounts of acids as per the requirement of the product. Their products are said to be far from chemicals as their focus is entirely on the natural aspect of creating products. Their mission is to give an authentic feel after use whether it’s bath salts or cocoa butter. Right from apricots to mint and cinnamon, they have all you need!


Queen Helene products are stated to be cruelty-free. You may even check the ingredients at the back of the product or under the description. These are prepared with natural elements and have no animal testing or animal parts. Feel free to shop Queen Helene’s safe and healthy products from your nearest stores as per the availability. There are generally many general stores, supermarkets, and beauty centers that have Queen Helene products. Even sites like Amazon, sally beauty and others online have a wide range of Queen Helene products.  


  • Does Queen Helene have lip balms? 

Not really. Queen Helene does specialize in the skincare category but is not available by Queen Helene. However, they do have a cocoa butter stick which may be equivalent to a lip balm cum moisturizer or lotion.

  • Does Walmart have Queen Helene products?

Yes! Walmart keeps a good range of Queen Helene products. The common ones like scrubs, masks, and so on may be easily available at many Walmart stores. However, seasonal or limited products may only be available in a limit or at beauty centers.  

  • Does Queen Helene have bath salts?

Yes, they do. Queen Helene has a hydro-based bath therapy bath salt available at many centers or supermarkets too. Check out websites online for the same too!

  • Is Queen Helene vegan?

Not really. While Queen Helene is mostly natural and 100% cruelty-free, they’re not 100% vegan. However, there are a few products that are completely vegan too. You may check the ingredients or mention ‘vegan’ before purchasing any products.

Is Queen Helene cruelty-free?

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