Does DoorDash Ban Addresses

For many, the Internet is a lifeline as it allows for communications, trade, study, work or entertainment without leaving their doorstep. However, as wealth passes through it, so does power and influence. Does DoorDash Ban Addresses , the focus isn’t on those with the biggest wallets in the establishment, but the gatekeepers who control who is let in.

Does DoorDash Ban Addresses

For a simple answer, Does DoorDash Ban Addresses. However, it seems to be unreported by DoorDash itself with all records seemingly posted by customers whose addresses were seemingly banned or accounts deactivated. No specific reasoning was provided by DoorDash or could be inferred by the customer. Some have managed to bypass this issue by ordering from other locations.

A Minor Inconvenience

Does DoorDash Ban Addresses have anonymously put forward claims that their addresses were banned. In those cases, speculations didn’t provide any solution. The customers in question rarely had previous cases of orders cancelled or refunded. As such, they didn’t fit the image of potential scammers or troublesome customers. A technical justification for banning an address could be that it prevents troublesome users from relying on dummy accounts. Yet the execution and the lack of information makes it appear to be a case of Hanlon’s Law. So it is difficult to tell whether they are incompetent or malicious.

Examples Referred To Above

In the given paragraphs above, the examples listed have their anonymity kept. However, the details of each case are given below:

  • A former employee accepted an order placed by his wife from a separate account. The address was later banned and both accounts deactivated.
  • A customer ordered at work and found the account deactivated.  The company claimed that it was due to a TOS violation. An address ban was likely as using a new account with a different IP address and payment card makes no difference.
  • Another user had a card declined and so was another. Customer Service claimed TOS violation but refused to reveal details while claiming the right of termination.
  • Another customer faced a similar claim of TOS violation.
  • Another user claimed a lack of refund along with a ban.
  • Another claimed neighbour’s address worked fine after facing an address ban.

DoorDash’s Bad Record

DoorDash’s actions have been presented as an example of Hanlon’s Law. However it seems to lean closer to maliciousness in terms of greed or apathy rather than simple incompetence. How this relates to the topic at hand is that these examples paint Doordash’s other actions as apathy towards user experience rather than incompetence. These controversies include:

  • Fleecing employee tips: The most infamous case here, where Doordash essentially misled its users to pocket their money. The delivery personnel (Dashers) rely on the sum of guaranteed minimum and customer tips for earnings. However, DoorDash instead uses the tip to cover the minimum with only the excess amount counted as the tip. This meant that DoorDash often relies on customers paying the minimum of the Dashers. Over time, this money adds up to a large amount. When this was revealed; it led to outrage, lawsuits, a change of policy and settlements.
  • Pressuring restaurants: DoorDash and competitors including GrubHub, Postmates and UberEats only listed restaurants if they offered the same prices for dine-in and delivery. The delivery prices ranged from 13-40% of revenue. Yet the profit margin for restaurants is only 3-9% of their revenue. So restaurants resorted to up-pricing dine-in prices to make up the difference. This led to accusations of monopolism against DoorDash and its contemporaries. The trial date is yet to be set.
  • Security breach: A data breach was confirmed on the 4th of May (Star Wars day). Users who joined before or on April 5th, 2018 were affected. This encompassed 4.9 million customers, dashers and merchants. This is the only example here closer to incompetence than malice.


DoorDash isn’t the most clean-cut company as seen above. As such, their silence or at least obfuscation on the matter seems damning. While banning an address can be justified under several different circumstances, the lack of information and current track record isn’t promising. At the very least, they are driving away potential customers and at worst irreparably harming the company’s reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is DoorDash’s policy regarding refunds?

A. Full refunds are only guaranteed if the order hasn’t been accepted by the restaurant and a courier has been assigned by DoorDash. Partial refunds are only possible if at least one of the conditions above hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Outside of this, refunds are the exceptions, not the rule.

2.What are the conditions for a refund after delivery?

A. Some of the possible conditions for permitting post-delivery refunds are: Incorrect orders: This can include missing items, wrong items or ingredients, spoiled items etc., incorrect deliveries to wrong addresses and late orders.

3.What alternatives to DoorDash are available?

A. GrubHub, ChowNow, UberEats etc.

Does DoorDash Ban Addresses

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