Angara Jewelry Return Policy- All About it

Here we will see about the Angara jewelry return policy 


Buying stuff can be fun until you’re stuck with something you don’t like. In the evolving world of ethics and strategies, customers have begun to understand the production process. Similarly, companies understand customers’ wants and desires. In the constant fix to create products that are up to the mark, it is also necessary to look at policies. These serve as backup plans as well as reinforcers to boost business and make shopping exciting. Call it customer service or business ethics, the main goal is always to achieve success via creating and inventing the best. Sales, discounts, offers, return and exchange policies and so on assist in these purposes. 

Angara jewelry return policy 


Return policies are one of the crucial policies of any business. It’s not only because it’s not right for them in terms of size, material, and so on. It is also to add flexibility to the shopper’s experience. Having a suitable return policy helps shoppers engage more with the brand and store. Moreover, with a good return policy, customers know they can go all out and shop comfortably. When it comes to valued and expensive or precious items, customers are all the more cautious. Especially for products like these, a good return policy is a life-saver! This article looks at Angara’s return policy. The jewelry store has a regular 30-day return policy with its conditions and rules. Read more to find out!

About Angara

The Angara is an Indian brand designed to have a passion for the art of making jewelry. They deal in all kinds of jewelry made from all kinds of metals and gemstones. Polishing, cutting, designing, and even selling are all done by the Angara. They also engage in traditional, modern as well as thematic designs. Right from simple pendants to jewelry for engagements and weddings, Angara has everything you need to dazzle. Ruby, sapphires, emeralds, and even gold and platinum, all are used in exclusive designs. Be it a simple bangle or anklet or even a necklace, they have it all. Moreover, they have a wide range of collections and beautifully designed gift sections too. You can trust the Angara for any occasion, and any desire when it comes to jewelry! 

Angara return policy 

Dealing with priceless elements and professionally skilled designs, jewelry becomes important. It holds value and sentiments. People are very careful when it comes to purchasing jewelry due to that reason. Therefore, it is only secure and wise to have flexible policies for customers who spend a lot to take away something special. The Angara follows a simple and basic 30-day return policy. This is designed to keep in mind the customer’s needs as well as the ethics of the brand and its boundaries. 

If you are not happy with the pair of earrings or the ring does not fit, the Angara has you covered. There is no limit to what you may return at the Angara, no reason is futile. The Angara understands your needs as a customer and therefore is very thoughtful during sales and returning. What’s more, you may return gift items too, of course, with the receipt and some proof of purchase. 

All you have to do is go to the store or the website and fill out the return form. This will require your details like date of purchase, the issue with the product, method of payment, contact, and so on. You will receive a shipping label once that form is submitted so you can go ahead and pack your product to be returned. 

Returns must be done within 30 days. Anything after that may not be considered. Moreover, Angara offers free shipping on your returns for products that are purchased within the country. For international returns, customers will have to take up their charges. Once the package is received, you will get your refund within a week.

Terms & conditions 

The general terms and conditions that apply to Angara’s return policy are:

  • Items must be packed with their receipts 
  • The items must be undamaged and unworn 
  • The products must be in the original state that you received them 


Angara’s return policy has been designed to work flexibly for the company and the customer. This ensures a proper two-way customer and management relationship. Shop jewelry as you like with no worries with flexible policies like the Angara. 


  • Can customized and engraved products be returned? 

As per Angara’s return policy, engraved items may be returned within 30 days. However, special customized items may not be returned unless there are any issues from the company’s end.

  • How do we know the progress of the return?

Once you have sent in a return form, you will be constantly updated via email or the contact details provided in the form. You can also visit Angara’s website and look for your return progress under the ‘return policy’ tab. 

Angara Jewelry Return Policy- All About it

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