Does Chanel Have Payment Plans?

Here we will see about the Does Chanel Have Payment Plans?

The luxury fashion brand CHANEL enjoys fame of being the 2nd most expensive clothing brand in the world. Though it doesn’t offer Buy now and pay later, affording it ain’t no big deal with 0% balance transfer credit card, reselling sites & other mediating apps. 

Does Chanel Have Payment Plans?

A friendly suggestion, buy it only if you really need it and can afford paying for it. Who would want to burn a hole in their pockets just for the sake of a purse! So think twice if you should really go for it & if the answer is a YES. Then, without further ado let’s learn about the charges, APR & other details that are a must know. 

How to get the CHANEL in Installments

Chanel stores aren’t the only places you can get authentic Chanel bags at. If you haven’t picked up the hint then, we are talking about sites that resell luxury brands. 

Saving a few pennies is a smart choice and thrifting is a noble practice. Not only do you get authentic goods you need but you can also contribute towards a greener planet. Fashion waste is a serious problem, but let’s talk about this later. 

You can grab the purse of your dreams fresh from the store or one that’s preloved, whichever suits you more. As for questions like from where and how, they’re answered below.

Directly from store

A bitter truth, the ‘buy now pay later’ option is not offered by high-end brands. But, there is a smart way to afford these Chanel bags, that is, by paying in installments- Standing Order.

Get yourself the 0% balance transfer credit card. Make sure that the card functions and is ready to go. No one wants to face an embarrassing situation in a Chanel store! And, being a little more alert isn’t going to hurt anyone. 

The next step is to go and get that bag. Transfer the price of the bag towards your 0% balance transfer card. Now comes the crucial part. You are usually given 1 year to pay off the balance and after this the APR zooms up. After this you need to divide the bag’s cost by 12 months, to pay it in equal installments and place a standing order. For the next 12 months to come you will have to pay this sum. 

When the year ends the Chanel bag will be yours to carry with 12 super manageable installments. After this you can get rid of the 0% card. Does it end here? Yes. But, be extra sure that it’s a 0% balance transfer card. As you don’t want to end up paying interest. Also, talk with the branch to know how long you get 0% for! And, ask if there are any terms and conditions pertaining to the card you need to be aware of. 

Luxury brand reselling sites

Discerning fake from authentic bags needs a pair of well trained eyes. But, by shopping at legitimate sites you can easily save yourself from fraud!


Rebag has a thorough process of grading bags. They don’t miss out on any failings it may have and list it out. Ensuring that the buyers can make the purchase if it meets their preferences, standards or requirements. If you plan to resell it then the site offers feasibility to easily check the trending second rate price for the bag. 

This platform offers transparency, simplicity and immediacy just like the users want. Some others are,1stdibs, Vivrelle, The RealReal & Fashionphile. 

Apps that act as mediator

These are new in the market. Apps such as Zip, offer opportunities to buy now and pay later on luxury brands such as Chanel, Nike, etc. Let’s talk about the payment plan Zip offers.

  • 4 easy installments
  • Pay off the installments in 6 weeks

A gentle reminder, be sure that you can make the repayments. Don’t get broke over a bag! A similar app is Afterpay. You can compare the interest rates both of these charge & go for the one that costs you less, if you plan on using such apps.

In the nip of the bud you need to pay the amount in one go if you purchase chanel offline (generally credit cards are preferred). But, if you wish to pay in installments for whatever reason then you have three variables available: 0% balance transfer credit card, reselling sites and apps. (Personal suggestion! Go for reselling sites)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy in installments offline?

No, they generally accept payments in credit cards. But, reselling sites and other apps can help you in this area. 

Can we pay in cash?

Yes, you can. But, if you pay in cash then they might require you to sign a document. So, if you are ok with that then go for it.

Is Chanel worth investing in?

Yes, it definitely is. As, its value is increasing. 

What apps to buy Chanel from?

You can buy from their official site or other platforms.

Does Chanel Have Payment Plans?

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