Does NTTA have Payment Plans?

The Ntta full form is North Texas Tollway Authority. The NTTA works and maintains the road, bridges, tunnels, takes tolls, etc. Does NTTA have Payment Plans,the work of NTTA is to repair, construct, build new projects, collect tolls for revenue, etc. There are nine board of director who maintains and guide everything. Recently, there were five tollways in texas. There is a system for collecting tolls from the citizen. It is well-known as Tolltag, and there is more than 4 million toll tag in the city. The NTTA was started in 1997. The NTTA headquarter is in Plano, and they have many toll tags.

Does NTTA have Payment Plans

Does NTTA have Payment Plans?

Yes, the NTTA have payment plans. They have their organization website, and you can see the payment procedure there. There is two payment option that is Zip cash and toll tag. Zip cash is for people who can afford the high payment, and you have to pay through mail. Toll tags are affordable, and you have to pay low for your journey. The payment procedure is online. You get rewards on every visit from toll tag. You can easily travel anywhere you want if you have paid for the tolls. Every citizen must follow terms and conditions.

Payment Plan

A) Zip Cash:

1. The payment of zip cash is paid through the mail.

2. In zip cash, you have to pay more than toll tag.

3. They have a plan of 25 days, and you will get a bill after the completion of 25 days. 

4. If you don’t pay the bill on time, you will have to pay the fine.

5. You will receive an invoice for the payments remaining.

6. You can pay through online procedure, mail, phone, and you can even pay on the official website of NTTA.

7. You have to pay the bills on time as it is the responsibility of every citizen.

B) Toll Tag:

1. The payment of the Toll tag is paid online.

2. You have to pay a low price for your journey. 

3. You can earn rewards for travelling through Toll tags. 

4. It is easy to pay online, and you can even pay on the official website of NTTA.

5. You can download the app of toll tag and pay there.

6. You can pay anywhere with toll tags.

7. Pay with a debit card or credit card for the online procedure.

8. It is easy to use the toll tag app or online.

9. If you don’t pay, you will receive a message in your account.

What are the Toll Rates?

Each toll price depends on the area and the location from where you are travelling. Price differ as per the location. There is a chart visible on the toll tag app, and you will find it online too. You can select your toll by seeing the price. It helps you to plan your trip and maintain everything. There is a toll rate map that shows you two prices on the logo of the toll tag. Toll rates also differ because of the vehicle you use for the journey. The toll rate increases 2.75% in a year.

Electronic Toll

It is nothing but a cashless payment service like toll tag, zip cash, etc. It becomes easier for an individual to do the payment producer. For quick travelling procedure having no traffic at the toll booth. It is safer and easier to pay in the electronic tolls. Also, it saves a lot of time in travelling. Once you reach the toll booth, the money will be cut automatically from your account. So you don’t have to wait anywhere to pay money. You have to keep checking your balance in the account and make sure you have sufficient wealth for travelling.

How to create an account for NTTA?

1. You can download the app or can log in from the original website.

2. After that, add your information.

3. Make sure you give the correct information about everything.

4. You don’t have to pay anything for making the account.

5. Once you have added everything, log in to your account and then proceed towards the payment options.

6. As you select the payment option as per your preferences

7. You don’t have to worry about anything because once the payment has been made. You can travel anywhere.

8. It is easy to make an NTTA account.


Does NTTA have Payment Plans,there are two payment procedures, and you can select as per your preferences. It is necessary to have an NTTA account for toll payment. You can even use a toll tag or zip cash for your toll booth payments. There are many ways to do the payment, but it depends upon you. They also have maps, chart rates for your trip to be a peaceful one. It is necessary to follow the terms and conditions of the government. The government has made an electronic collection for citizens to travel within the country. Using a toll tag is necessary as you have to pay a low price for your journey, and you can pay anywhere in texas. Also, you can use a toll tag for parking.

Does NTTA have Payment Plans?

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