NTTA Veteran & Military Discount

Have you ever wondered why you are supposed to give a toll tax on a road even when you already pay several taxes on your vehicle? If yes, then listen, toll tax is basically not a tax you pay for your automobiles but for using the nation’s roads through it. The government uses the tax collected by tolls for maintaining roads only. The government also uses this tax to recover the cost of constructing that road. This article explains ‘NTTA Veteran & Military Discount’.

NTTA Veteran & Military Discount

Next is the question that comes to every mind while listening about the toll tax for the first time. Why should we pay for the toll tax is that question. This question arises because the government is one which is going to use all the payments, but it is of importance to us too. This tax, when collected, will be used for constructing more roads, which will help you expand your trade and business. Collection of toll is also a way to check on all the vehicles which cross the nation’s road.

NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) is one of the eminent and advanced authorities maintaining and operating the roads, bridges, tunnels, and tolls in the North Texas area, the northern land of the United States of America. 

The services provided by NTTA to the people are all great, and the toll collection is also time-saving for the people.

 There are two ways for a person to pay for the toll tax to NTTA, namely toll tag and zipcash:

1. Toll tag

Open a toll tag account and make changes to that account everything related to your vehicle (like license, nameplate, credit card information related to that toll tag account). That can make you save from 50 percent of the toll tax. TollTag account holders have to pay the lowest amount of toll tax. Toll tax will automatically deduct toll tax from your bank through your TollTag account. This automatic payment (the toll tax) will get deducted every time you cross a toll point of NTTA.

2. ZipCash

This can also be paid online by mail after receiving a ZipCash invoice or by cash. The invoices are free until you start delaying payment of toll tax. A single delay in toll tax payment will make you charge for the next ZipCash invoice. ZipCash is not an automatic payment.

Now, the core of this article is,

What is the take of NTTA on veteran and military discount?

NTTA really favors a discount to veterans and military persons in toll tax. NTTA does so to respect the service provided by the veterans and militants to the nation. NTTA takes the sacrifices made by these people and their loved ones into consideration during the 81st Texas Legislature. Due to this Texas Legislature passed HB 3139 to allow all local toll authorities to take the initiative of a program that ensures toll discounts for veterans.

So does this mean that NTTA provides discount to veteran and the military?

No. As, even after making the decision, the Texas legislature does not provide any funds to NTTA to initiate this program. However, the staff and the legislation of the NTTA are evaluating and finding information and impacts of implementing the toll tax discount for veterans.

Is NTTA really taking steps in providing discounts to veterans and the military?

Yes, it is. You would be happy to know that the recipients of the Legion of Valour award are exempted from toll tax at NTTA roads. It is the award given to people who have served the United States by the highest level of service. It also includes people who are the recipients of the military’s highest honors. That became possible after Wilson Office Interiors partnered with NTTA. Wilson Office Interiors is the company that sponsors tolls of the Legion of Valour ward. 


This article demonstrates that NTTA is willing to provide discounts to veterans and military in the toll tax and has taken steps towards it. Like, the discount given to recipients of the Legion of Valour Award. However, due to lack of cooperation from the Legislature, it is taking time

Some frequently asked questions

1. Does this mean that NTTA provides no or zero discount to people?

No, this is not true. We can get discount rates at NTTA through Tollperks Points, quarterly sweepstakes, discounts and offers, and spin-to-win games. Coupons are available in different shipping items fr Toll Tag account holders that make them get benefits in the form of discounts at toll. 

2. How will we use these points after getting them?

TollTag customers for driving on NTTA roads get points, through which they can avail goods and services from some businesses at low rates. 

Every month Tolltag members receive a token at to participate in spin to win games that help them earn prizes.

3. How to open a toll tag account (for first-time users)?

To be avail of all benefits of TollPerks, you need a TollTag account. For opening the account first, download the app and then select set up online access. Use your Driver’s license state/ Tax ID number to start filling in the details. Then, start getting benefits from NTTA discounts and offers.

NTTA Veteran & Military Discount

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