Does Airbnb Take PayPal?- Available Payment Options

Does Airbnb Take PayPal?

The advent of technology has made it easier for people to book hotels from the comfort of their homes. People start looking for a hotel way before the date of their travel plans to avoid rush or inconvenience while finding hotels physically when they go to the place. Let’s know ‘Does Airbnb Take PayPal?’

There may always be a case where if you have not booked a hotel beforehand and you are planning on traveling to a place during the holiday or its peak season, you may not find hotel rooms that are up to the mark according to you. This is where hotel booking sites can help you. Let’s see if Airbnb accepts PayPal or not.

Does Airbnb Take PayPal?

Yes, Airbnb does recognize PayPal as an accepted method of payment but not in all countries because of the limited availability of PayPal. That is, PayPal is not available or accepted as a method of payment in all the countries but only in a few nominated countries. So, it can be inferred that Airbnb does accept PayPal, but you have to check for yourself while checking if it’s available for your country or not.

How To Use PayPal to Complete Your Payment on the Airbnb App

Listed below are procedures you should follow to complete your hotel booking on Airbnb using PayPal:

  • Install and open the Airbnb app on your desired device.
  • Add the filters that suit your wants and browse through the listed properties and select a property that you like.
  • Make sure that you have entered the starting and end dates that you wish to stay in the said property. 
  • If the property is available for rent, then you can go ahead and reserve it by clicking on ‘Reserve’.
  • On the new page that opens, read the conditions that have been laid down by the property owner and click on the “Agree and Continue” button.
  • The new page that opens up asks you to specify the number of guests that you are bringing along with you.
  • Click on the ‘continue’ button.
  • The next page takes you to the payment window, where you are required to make the payment for your booking.
  • From the Drop-down menu, select PayPal and log in to your PayPal account. 
  • The PayPal window asks you to select your mode of payment, after which you click on ‘Continue’.
  • Having done that, go back to Airbnb to complete your reservation.

Payment Options Available in Certain Countries

Since not all countries accept PayPal as a payment option, let’s have a look at the payment options available in different countries. Aura, Elo, and Hipper Card in Brazil, China accepts WeChat Pay and Alipay for China. Similarly, India accepts PayU, and the United States of America accepts Discover as a method of payment while checking out on Airbnb.

Some Methods of Payment other than PayPal that are accepted widely are:

  • Visa
  • Mastermind
  • JCB and other such debit cards can be processed as credit cards.
  • Wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay.

How Safe is Airbnb as an Accommodation Website?

Airbnb is one of the most recommended and best-known accommodation sites founded in 2008, and it is a legitimate booking website to make your experience as good as possible. Airbnb has this feature where you can check reviews, add photos, and view the complete details of the listed property. 

In case either the host or the guest has any problem regarding their stay in the property, they can easily list their problems on the Airbnb Help Center available on the Airbnb app. All your queries regarding payment, accommodation, or stay will be resolved via the customer support team. Airbnb will cross-check the facts according to the problem that has been raised by you, and normally one party between the host or the guest has to compensate in case of any damage caused.

How Safe is the Payment Process on Airbnb?

All the payments are handled by the Airbnb team internally without passing on any information to the host, making it a certainty that the host cannot ask for any money from the guest outside for any reason whatsoever. The host has to take permission from the booker in case he wants to make any changes to your booking like price or date or the room you have selected etc.


Airbnb is one of the largest accommodation sites to book hotels, and it is extremely user-friendly where you can have several options to make payments and have your property booked. PayPal is a relatively new option that has not yet been accepted in many countries. While booking a property on Airbnb, it is advised to pay via your debit card to avoid any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Airbnb charge you and cancel your booking if you flout the norms laid down by the host?

Yes, Airbnb has a strict set of rules in place when it comes to host and guest’s safety and/or property damage.

  1. Can I opt for cash payment while booking an Airbnb property?

It’s not an impossibility but handling cash payments is not that common in an Airbnb because it means losing out on service charges on the company’s part.

Does Airbnb Take PayPal?- Available Payment Options

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