Comcast Rdk 03033 Error

Are you a Comcast user and have come across the error RDK-03033? Are you wondering how to resolve this error? If yes, then this article is particularly for you.

Comcast Rdk 03033 Error

Comcast is one of the famous and established service providers in the field of telecommunication. However, its users usually come across some sort of errors. The reason is that Comcast is serving in this field since ancient times and therefore switching from conventional to the latest streaming methods may result in flaws and errors. The error RDK-03033 arises mainly when there is a streaming issue at the server or along with the medium. To resolve this issue, the customer support of Comcast has not announced any proper methodology. However, you should switch off and again plug in your device to vanish this issue. If it persists, then you should check your internet connection and reset it.  

If you want to know everything in detail about the Comcast RDK-03033 error, read this article as it will highlight the reason for this error as well as the methods you should apply to resolve it.  

Why do errors arise in Comcast?

Comcast Cable is a telecommunications company that is doing business as Xfinity. Founded in 1981, this company is providing its customers with several telecommunication services. 

Despite its prestigious reputation and large coverage, subscribers of Comcast are likely to encounter errors. 

There is a logical reason behind it. The advancements in technology are taking place at a fast pace and Comcast is an ancient company. It has to manage to cope with the changes occurring in the viewing experience. 

While switching from conventional sort of pre-programmed viewing methods to modern ones, firms may encounter difficulties and subscribers may encounter the error.

Why do people avail services from Comcast Xfinity?

Comsats offers its customers a bundle of services under the term “Xfinity”. The services include streaming services, internet services, and supported routers. You will not need to separately pay for internet packages and streaming fees as Xfinity provides you all in one. 

Therefore, customers prefer to avail services of Comcast despite the errors they encounter. Furthermore, they don’t need to pay any additional subscription fees and rent for TV boxes.     

Comcast Error RDK-03033

As far as errors are concerned, none can compete with Comcast in this regard. Several error codes are encountered by its subscribers. Recently an error code of RDK-03033 is faced by users of Comcast. Users of Comcast claim that this error is very difficult to remove as they are unaware of the reason it is arising.

Neither the cable management is the reason behind it nor the subscription fees are responsible for this error as the devices have direct connections to the credit cards of their users.  

Therefore, people are unable to find why they encounter this error regularly and how to get rid of it. 

What issue does the Comcast RDK 03033 error indicate?

The technical support of Comcast has not provided its customers with an appropriate solution to this error. However, if you want to correct this error, you first need to understand where the issue has been raised.

Whenever you encounter this error, the issue will always be with the streaming. The streaming issue can happen in any one of the following.

  1. Delivery mechanism
  2. Server 
  3. Client-side device
  4. Bandwidth issues 
  5. ISP conflicts

How to resolve the Comcast RDK-03033 error?

To resolve this streaming issue and vanish this error RDK-03033, you should follow the following two methods. If step 1 resolves your issue, that’s great. Otherwise, move towards step 2 and get your issue resolved.

Restart the device

The easiest possible way to resolve this error is to simply restart your Comcast device. What you need to do is to switch off your device and remove the switch from the socket. After some time, restart your device again. 

Ultimately, there is a strong chance that your issue will be resolved, and you will not encounter the Comcast RDK 03033 error again when you will restart your Comcast device.

Reset your internet connection

If restarting your device is unable to resolve the streaming issue and you are still encountering this issue, then you should reset your internet connection.

According to Comcast technical support, the persistence of this issue is maybe due to an unstable internet connection. A weak internet connection contributes a lot towards your uneven media streaming. Although you are paying high for your internet connection, your connectivity may not be enough to support flawless streaming.

Therefore, you should reset your internet connection and should go with the one that can provide you with high connectivity to vanish your streaming issues.


Comcast is a great business company providing telecommunication services for ages. However, encountering different error codes is no less than a norm for its subscribers. Error RDK-03033 arising due to streaming issues should be properly addressed by Comcast.  

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is Xfinity?

Comcast communication runs its business under the name Xfinity.

  1. Why does Comcast error RDK-03033 pop up?

This error indicated the streaming issue whether at the server, along the delivery channel, or at the client’s end. Therefore, whenever there is a streaming issue, this error pops up.

Comcast Rdk 03033 Error

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