Ntb tire warranty -what is it?

National Tire and Battery (NTB) is a United-State-based automotive service center. The company was founded 25 years ago in 1997 by merging National Tire Warehouse and Tire America. NTB specializes in battery services, fluid services, brake services, suspension services, manufactures tires, wiper blades, steering, and vehicle inspection. The TBC Corporation is the parent company that owns NTB. They provide a wide range of products, such as tires, batteries, and more, with their best quality and warranty. They offer hassle-free services with their highly qualified technicians for their customers all the time. The service company makes people’s lives more convenient with different warranties.Is it true that NTB offers big deals and a premier warranty? Do they have a tire warranty? How good are their tire repair services? Yes, they do provide an excellent warranty period for all its products and services. Whenever you purchase a new tire from NTB, it provides you a warranty against material failure. NTB’s parent company, Tire Kingdom, or Merchant’s Tire, urges customers to buy a road hazard warranty during tire shopping. These warranties cost over 10 to 12% of the tire’s total cost. During the warranty period of the tire, the customers can get a reasonable price for repairing the damage that happened. 

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About tire warranty

Types of warranty under NTB

  • 1- New tire warranty at NTB

How long tire damage do they consider: 

The company accepts tire repair longer than 2/32” tread depth and has an additional warranty against defects in service provided by the company. It also provides an extra manufacturer warranty for tires that fail under the manufacturer warranty program. After every service damage, customers must claim for the manufacturer warranty program and receive their warranty coverage. 

How customers determine their credits:

The customers can receive their credited amount of an unusable tread if the tire warranty period becomes unserviceable due to material down. You can only get your credit if your original reporting depth is minus 2/32nd inch. The credit for the amount is equal to the unused remaining tread on unserviceable tire times the current selling price.

@Note- This warranty of NTBs does cover tires that become unserviceable due to: 

  • If the damage is ununiformed and its depth is more than 2/32nd inch. 
  • The damage happened due to road hazards such as punctures, cuts, or snags.
  • The damage happened due to improper installation, misalignment, or damage from consumers such as misuse, improper maintenance, etc. 
  • 2- Limited Mileage warranty

What they cover and for how long time

If any tire gets damaged with tread depth 2/32nds inch or gets damaged due to specified mileage, it will get replaced with the same or equivalent new tire. Tires get replaced at the current selling price with the tax included. The customer can claim the mileage warranty only till six years of the date of actual purchase of the tire. The following other tire damages get excluded from the limited mileage warranty. 

How can a customer get this warranty?

  1. Take proper care of the tire to obtain maximum mileage.
  2. The tire should be in proper alignment.
  3. Take it for inspection after every 6,000 to 10,000 miles to any TBC retail store.
  4. The owner should keep its tire well maintained. 
  5. Should take to the service center regularly for checking the air pressure. 

What is covered by NTB under this warranty?

  1. Defect or damage in materials or service
  2. Damage caused by road hazards
  3. Triers which get used in specific vehicles such as ambulances, taxis, commercial vehicles, police cars, or bikes
  4. If any malicious damage happens to the tire, such as fire, wreck,  
  5. Triers which get damaged due to irregular wear, improper inflammation, misalignment, and mechanical defect
  6. Triers used in any commercial application
  • 3- Road Hazards Warranty of NTB

What they cover and for how long time:

 If there is any tire damage because of road hazards, these warranties cover those damages. These warranties are only applicable when the worn level is 2/32nd inch of depth. Road hazards, for instance, cut, snag, irreplaceable tires, bruise, impact break, and many get covered under this warranty. 

Which customers are applicable for this warranty? 

  • A customer who is the original buyer can get this warranty. 
  • It is not applicable for subsequent purchasers or owners of the Vehicle. 
  • The vehicle-mounted for the first time is only applicable for this warranty. 
  • NTB does not cover if:

NTB covers almost all the damages because of road hazards, but it excludes some services which occur due to:

  • overload
  • Tire used in another vehicle other than passenger one. 
  • intentional abuse
  • Purchaser obligation
  • Proper care should be well maintained
  • Cold inflation pressure should be kept in mind as referred to as a manufacturer. 
  • Ensure air pressure and wheel assemblies are in balance.
  • After every 6,000 to 12,000 miles, take the vehicle to the service center for inspection. 
  • Ensure the tire stays properly aligned, suspension and driveline. 

On the overall ratings and comments of the customers, NTB’s warranty gets 3.8/5 stars, and repair service gets 3.5/5 stars. As compared to other rival companies such as Pep Boys, and Mavis discount tire, NTB gets less rating. But the purchaser of the tire says you can trust NTB tires and its warranty system. 


Being one of the oldest service centers it has become trusted and respectful by its customers. It not only specializes in tires but also manufactures batteries. They provide proper and good tire warranty to their original customers at a reasonable price. As per the current survey of 2020, NTB tires and their warranty system are at the bottom of the newest retail rating but, most people trust and prefer NTB. In particular, the tire warranty of NTB is overall satisfied and convenient. Hope this article provides you with enough information regarding NTB’s tire warranty. Thank you! 

Ntb tire warranty -what is it?

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