What is the ace hardware jingle?

For ensuring the success of any brand, marketing and advertising play a very significant role. Innovating new methods of advertisement is one of the best strategies for promoting any brand. Unlike other companies, Ace Hardware believes in exploring new ways to promote its products. Ace hardware has also launched a new advertising campaign recently. To make the campaign attractive and catchy, a jingle was also proposed “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks”.What is the ace hardware jingle?

ace hardware

The Ace Hardware Jingle featured the actual owners and customers who were part of Ace Hardware. The jingle focused on showing the commendable services of Ace. Launched in Texas, this jingle which has been released recently is a slight variation of the original jingle. The services shown through it are truly one of a kind.

About ace hardware

Founded in the 1920s, Ace Hardware is one of the leading hardware retailers which is based in Illinois in the United States. Currently, it is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the whole world. With more than five thousand stores in 60 countries, Ace hardware continues to establish its supremacy all across the globe.

The main motive of this brand is to provide help through the hardware. Apart from the vast range of products, Ace Hardware also firmly believes in giving the best advice to its customers.

One unique thing that makes Ace Hardware outshine all its rival companies is that they have always fostered environmental awareness amongst their staff. The company often takes numerous initiatives in this aspect. “No plastic day campaign” was also one of them.

What is the aim of this jingle?

The main aim of including this jingle in the campaign was to accomplish new achievements that have not been made by any other company so far. The original jingle has been modified and the word “man” has been replaced by ‘folks’. The main reason behind doing this was to make it more inclusive of all the customers.

As said earlier, the newly released jingle is a variation of the jingle used in the twentieth century. Around the 1970s, the original jingle went like Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man. On molding this a bit, they got their reformed jingle which said “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks”.

Composition of the jingle

The jingle had been written by O’Keefe, Reinhard, and Paul. The original jingle was sung by the actress Produced by Charlie Ferraye and was directed by Jeff Jenkins. There were other people too, who played significant roles in making this jingle successful. Some of the other responsibilities were undertaken by the following people:

  • Bob Jensen and Greg Mills were the Creative Directors. 
  • Jason Banker was the Director of photography.
  • Finally, the editing task was done with perfection by Mark Jepsen.

What is the meaning of the ace hardware jingle?

In the jingle “helpful hardware folks” represents the helpful nature of all the officials and the trustworthy services of Ace Hardware. It further signifies that all the people are knowledgeable and have great expertise in their work. Their customer-friendly nature makes them unique.

This jingle was made using the actual experiences and feedback of the employees and customers of Ace Hardware. After interviewing more than a hundred people, the jingle was finally made.

Ace hardware slogan

One should always consider multiple options as an advertising strategy. Apart from the jingle, it also uses a slogan that says “Ace- the helpful place”. It tends to depict the same message as that given by the jingle. Just like innovation and evolution are the principles of life, changes are also necessary to lead a successful life. The slogan has also changed to “helpful hardware place”.


Ace Hardware has successfully established its brand and is undoubtedly a popular one. The Ace Hardware Jingle is indeed a cherry on the cake. The beautiful melody of the jingle is still used by the company for promoting its services. The jingle and slogan, both align with each other. Launching the campaign along with this jingle was a unique step taken by the company. It is astonishing but indeed true, that Ace jingle has made a come-back in the industry after almost sixteen years.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why Did Ace Hardware Change Their Jingle?

It had changed their jingle so that they could advertise in a more politically correct way. It also gave a new and more inclusive representation to their workforce. 

  • When Did Ace Hardware Change Their Jingle?

Ace Hardware modified its original jingle in the year 1989.

  • Did Connie Stevens Shoot For Ace Hardware Advertisements?

Around the 1970s, Connie Stevens sang the Ace is the Place theme song for the TV officials of Ace Hardware. The shooting was done in Southern California.

What is the ace hardware jingle?

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