Does IKEA sell Murphy beds?-Know more

In our house, IKEA is a familiar term when it comes to purchasing furniture, mattresses, plants, potters, tableware, and kitchen cutlery sets. It is a haven for some of us, while it is merely something to meet the needs of others. IKEA provides something to match almost everyone’s tastes and preferences. They have vibrant designs as well as products with a minimalist feel, and they are also highly cost-effective and budget-friendly to buy. Let’s learn ‘Does IKEA sell Murphy beds?’.

Does IKEA sell Murphy beds?

 Does IKEA sell Murphy beds?

To your disappointment, No! Murphy beds are not available at IKEA. IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, sells every sort of bed imaginable, including bunk beds, couch beds, beds with storage, upholstered beds, divan beds, Guests’ beds, as well as our standard single and double beds. However, they do not sell Murphy beds, much to our surprise.

Well, they haven’t specified any reason why they don’t sell Murphy beds, but we believe that the main reason could be the kind of building required for making and handling Murphy beds. 

What are Murphy beds?

Murphy beds are beds that are made in such a way that they are hinged on one end so that they can be folded and stored vertically to make some space in a room. They are also known as pull-down beds, fold-down beds, or wall beds. 

Murphy bed was first made by William Lawrence Murphy to make space in his small one-room apartment, and even now, Murphy beds are generally used to make space in small rooms or apartments. Only a few people out there also use Murphy beds as a design statement in their houses.

Why does IKEA not sell Murphy beds?

To begin with, we’d like to state unequivocally that we have no intention of insulting IKEA or anything else along these lines. 

We’re just here to explain why IKEA doesn’t sell Murphy beds and to tell you why we think that is IKEA is a huge company. 

There are a number of things that IKEA does so well that they have no competition.

Now to the reason: normal day-to-day functionality of Murphy beds requires sturdy hinge mechanisms and strong original woods, whereas IKEA beds, or any furniture from IKEA, are generally made of densely compressed particle board. Particleboard furniture is lightweight and generally can’t support the immense, strong lifting mechanisms and durability required for Murphy beds.

What kind of wood and spring is required in the making of Murphy beds?

  • Wood – Murphy beds are made of hardwood, plywood, or MDF, depending on your budget. Carpenters generally make Murphy beds from 3/4th inch hardwood plywood. The plywood used for it is generally birch, as it is highly cost-effective and very easily available. The wood used for it has a lot of exposed edges. Those edges are finished with wood stripe glued and nailed, or exposed edges are sometimes finished with iron on-edge banding.
  • Mechanisms used in Murphy Beds – There are two mechanisms by which Murphy Beds are installed in a place.
  • One is – Piston lift mechanism 
  • The second is the spring lift features.
  • Mattress – It is a common belief that Murphy bed mattresses are spring mattresses, but actually the mattresses are regular mattresses that are held in place with a retention system or fitted bed sheets with elastic corners.

Where else can you buy Murphy beds like IKEA?

IKEA is famous for its quirky designs with a minimalistic touch. They have furniture that not only looks good but is so functional with a pocket-friendly price tag.

There may be a number of local carpenters in your area who can make a wonderful Murphy bed at a reasonable price. To do so, you must go thru the trouble of locating them, negotiating a price, and going thru all of the other steps involved in acquiring a good offline purchase. There aren’t many places where you can receive all of that quality, but for your convenience, we’ve narrowed down your research on this topic.

These are the top places that we think will give you what you are looking for in your Murphy bed design.

  • The first place is WAYFAIR- 
  • The second is LORI WALL BEDS.
  • The third is EXPAND FURNITURE.
  • Fourth is AMAZON  
To summarize

Murphy beds are built with a robust piston lift or spring lift mechanism and require a long-lasting solid real wood foundation to function effectively. Even if you don’t have the option of purchasing a Murphy bed from IKEA, you still have plenty of options for a bed or any other type of furniture.

Some Faqs for IKEA:- 
  • What is IKEA furniture made of?

IKEA furniture is generally made of tightly packed particle boards.

  • How durable is IKEA furniture?

We would not say that IKEA furniture is not durable but yes, we would like to point out that the material that IKEA uses to make their furniture is damage-prone and anything that requires end-user assembling generally experiences a problem with its durability.

  • Who delivers for IKEA?

IKEA deliveries are made by DPD.

  • How to check product availability?

Open Ikeas official site and add the location of the store you want to make a purchase. There you can check for stock availability.

Does IKEA sell Murphy beds?-Know more

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