Plaza Tire Warranty- Plaza Protection Plan Packages 

Plaza Tire Warranty

It is always every car owner’s desire to have long-lasting tires that will serve the purpose for which they bought them. However, it is always even better to find a tire dealing service provider who will be willing to draw down friendly deals for its customers. At Plaza Tire Service, there is a clear drawn plan for the tire services. Let’s know about Plaza Tire Warranty.

Plaza Protection Plan performs various services to its clients without any extra charge for every 6,000 miles the tires cover after purchase. For instance, adjustment of air pressure, 18-point vehicle safety inspection, rotation of tires, an inspection of tire pressure monitoring systems, as well as a visual front end alignment check. This, however, has seen it continue nourishing in the tire service industry. 

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Plaza Tire Service is an American-based tire service provider, with numerous retail stores distributed all over Western Kentucky, Missouri, Northeastern Arkansas, and Southern Illinois. All these locations serve the larger purpose of offering tire services to car owners, who continue to emerge every day in their increasing measures. 

What Are Plaza Tire Protection Plans?

Plaza Tire Protection Plan, commonly known as the road hazard protection, are the services and benefits the company offers to its clients to cover different kinds of damages that might befall the car or vehicle (which is a common cause in the course of driving cars on roads). It should, however, be noted that these plans usually supersede the normal warranty signed and guaranteed by the company such that it covers other additional damages that might befall the vehicles due to road hazards. 

Types Of Road Hazards 

  1. Potholes 
  2. Pieces of glass
  3. Nails
  4. Pieces of serrated metals

When a car tire accidentally gets in touch with these elements, it is definite that they will become damaged and hence become dysfunctional, and this can sometimes happen without the driver’s awareness. The driver can only be aware of a tire’s damage when there is a blowout or a sudden deflation of air from the tire. 

 Plaza Protection Plan Packages 

  1. 18-point vehicle safety inspection. 

At Plaza Tire Service, there is the provision of free tire inspection for all clients. However, this kind of service is done automatically (without any appointments whatsoever). Many times a driver may be unsure of the exact problem in their car tires. For instance, they may not be sure whether the tire is leaking air or if there might just be any other problem with the tire. Being a customer at Plaza Tire Service becomes more advantageous in that the tire experts can quickly run a diagnosis on the tire and fix it as soon as possible. Some of the crucial elements that Plaza Tire professionals deal with are, for instance, the sidewall state of the tire, the inflation pressure of the tire, as well as tread depth. 

  1. Repair Damaged Rims or Tires

At Plaza Tire, a customer is entitled to have their damaged car tires repaired, courtesy of the Plaza Protection Plan. The cool thing about the protection plan is that within the same period of warranty, a customer can get free roadside assistance of up to 24 hours as a bonus. 

  1. Replacement Of Damaged Tires Or Rims

This is mostly done on rims and tires that can no longer be repaired, and it is free of charge! Therefore, everyone in America should take to Plaza Tire Service because such offers are rare in most tire companies. 

  1. Free Mounting And Installation Of Damaged Tires 

At Plaza Tire Service, a customer is entitled to free mounting and installation of tires after every 6,000 miles the car covers after purchase. In addition, the company offers free balancing services as part of the warranty within the designated period. 

  1. Adjustment of Air Pressure 

This is also another package Plaza Protection Plan offers to customers whereby there is a free adjustment of air pressure in the tires, unlike other companies where such services are charged away from the warranty. 

  1. Free Wheel Alignment  

Ever wondered where you can access such service on your car tire as part and parcel of the tire warranty, then Plaza Tire Service is the right place for you! Here, you will have car tires aligned free of charge within the period of warranty. 

Apart from these major packages the company covers under the Plan, there are other several packages and services the company offers. They include; 

  • Brake services
  • Battery services
  • Shock services
  • Filter, lube and oil changes
  • Tire towing assistance services 


Being a client at Plaza Tire Service comes with a bag of goodies that every car owner always wants to enjoy! Imagine receiving free battery check services, oil services, tires and rims repair and replacements services, as well as wheel alignment services and many other essential services on car tires, without paying a single dime. That is amazing! Therefore, it is worth stating that Plaza Tire Services provides the most affordable and peace of mind tire services to car owners in the United States of America. If you have not given it a try, this is the right time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should I enjoy the warranty before it expires? 

The warranty only exists and becomes active within one year.  

  1. Apart from tires and rims, does plaza tire service also cover cars against theft and general damages? 

Yes, at Plaza Tire Service, we offer platinum security coverage for up to 3 years. In case you lose your car and it is beyond our control in tracing it, you are entitled to receive up to $5,000 for you to do a replacement of the car which we deposit to the car dealer you are buying the car from. 

  1. What should be the maximum percentage tread life of my car tire for me to continue enjoying Plan Protection in the warranty? 

Normally, we stop offering these packages when the tire tread’s life has exceeded 75%. 

  1. I have a recreational vehicle; how much do you charge for the tire services within the protection plan? 

If you have a recreational vehicle, depending on the services you want to receive, the average pay per tire is $9.50. 

Plaza Tire Warranty- Plaza Protection Plan Packages 

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