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Among the top-most American supermarkets, Whole Foods, and the Sprouts have been a popular chain of supermarkets among the people. It sells no fat products and without any artificial flavors, products, colors, or preservatives.

Whole Foods or Sprouts?

The Sprouts Farmers Supermarket sells only natural and organic foods products. The farm-fresh products containing proteins, vitamins, milk products, etc are sold here. The company proudly sell their products as the standard products of a minimum of 90% quality.  

Some of the stores of Whole Foods in the U.S.A are Minneapolis, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Altos, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York, Chicago, La Jolla, Phoenix, Brooklyn, Amherst, etc. The sprouts supermarket has a large chain of stores of around 362 nationwide like in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Washington, South Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, etc. 

Which is better Whole Foods or Sprouts?

Both the supermarkets sell the best quality foods, organic and natural. The variance in both the brands is just price difference only. Sprouts products are 1.35 costlier than Whole Foods. The Wholefoods store provides high-cost products, usually dependent on the product quality. The cost of products required per week costs $91.24. While we buy the products for a week at Sprouts it may cost around $109.23. These prices were approximate and analyzed by the customers visiting both the stores frequently. 

Whole Foods VS Sprouts:


Peanut butter at Whole foods is sold in a wide range and costs $5.99. While the same peanut butter of MaraNatha will cost $6.99 at Sprouts.

  • Vegetables and fruits:

Fruits at Whole Foods are organic, have no added artificial fragrance or colors, have not used any medicines, etc. While the same is available at Sprouts at the same cost. 

Button Mushrooms at Whole Foods is costlier than Sprouts which is because of the quality the Whole Foods provide.


All-purpose flour at sprouts will cost around $7.99 of the brand KIND. The Nature’s Path organic-unbleached all-purpose flour will cost $7.99 at Wholefoods. 

The 2lbs Organic Basmati Rice at Sprouts will cost $6.98 and $4.99 at Whole Foods- 365.

Avocado Oil at Sprouts is 52% less than Whole Foods. It costs $3.55 at Sprouts and $7.44 at Whole Foods.


Meat at Whole Foods is available for customers to buy only after it is eligible for Animal Welfare Standards only. The meat is fresh, tender, and available at reasonable prices. 

The cost of Organic Boneless Chicken Breast is $9.99 at Sprouts and $7.99 at Whole Sprouts for 1 lb. 

Ready to serve foods:

At Sprouts the ready-to-serve foods are a bit cheaper than Whole Foods. The salad kit at $3.23, Broccoli Cheddar Soup at $7.49, Cheesy Ravioli at $5.99 is available at Sprouts. While the same are $6.47, $6.66, $4.89 costs respectively.

Standard Supermarket:

Whole Foods maintain quality standards from its home need essentials to the store ambiance. The stock is always fresh and with the latest top brands. Among Whole Foods and Sprouts, Whole Foods maintains higher standards in food management. 

Stock Value:

In the view of investors, Sprouts Farmers Market Inc. has a share value of $29.05 and it was been increasing 32.23% over the past five years. The share value of Whole Foods is $41.99 and was been decreasing if noted from 2013. Thus most supermarket investors of the USA invest in Whole Foods. 

Customer Satisfaction:

Though Whole Foods is a bit costlier, customers who buy products upon the quality, prefer Whole Foods. Those who want to save money and feel the quality is satisfiable, prefer Sprouts. Well! Most people prefer Whole Foods depending upon the quality, customer care service, flexible store locations, home delivery, etc. 


Thus upon people’s reviews, rating satisfaction, choice Whole Foods wins with Sprouts supermarkets. People do bother about health and quality of food that prices. Though Whole Foods provide food at a bit higher prices but quality food. Thus among the competitors of both the American Supermarkets, Whole Foods has been a satisfactory customer servicer maintaining a standard system of supermarkets. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How many ratings do Whole Foods get with Sprouts?

Ans. Whole Foods get a 5-star rating of about 69% and a 4-star rating of about 12%. While Sprouts get 3.1/5 ratings from its customers. 

  1. Do sprouts and Whole Foods have home delivery facilities?

Ans. Yes, Sprouts does provide home delivery facilities by Instacart. The delivery fee includes free for first delivery over $35 and the further fee depends on orders and delivery times. While Whole Foods facilitate delivery services with Amazon delivery. The fee consists of $10 and difference in delivery type, etc.

  1. How many Whole Foods and Sprouts stores are there in the U.S.A? 

Ans. Exclusively Sprouts supermarket is available all over the U.S.A with around 362 stores. While Whole Foods is available with 500+ stores in the U.S.A.

Whole Foods or Sprouts? – know more

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