LA Fitness Customer Service- Opening hours

Louis Welch is the current CEO of LA Fitness chain clubs. The company operates over seven hundred gym clubs. The company’s core services encompass a platform for clients and consumers to prolong their exercise routines and seek diverse ways to maintain health. It helps people enjoy a healthy lifestyle by establishing a widespread network with a convenient and friendly atmosphere at affordable prices. Let’s know about LA Fitness Customer Service.

LA Fitness Customer Service

LA Fitness provides great customer care services. The main routes to contact customer care are contact number (949-255-7200), the LA Fitness website (, social media networks, and in-store services. The online chat feature is not available yet.

Contact on Phone Number:

The best way to get customer support from LA Fitness is their phone number (888-601-5870), to contact a live person without listing any queries. You don’t have to wait much on this number. Your call will be answered, within 11 minutes.

The second option is to contact another number to solve your queries or press 5 to chat with a live human (949-255-7200). You have to wait for more to get in touch with a live human.


The webpage to contact LA Fitness customer care ( on which FAQ and online help portal are available. It’s an online site, which helps you find a new information and recent details about the company.

You can also post your problem at ( The company will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Email Address:

The customer service Email address is (

For LA Fitness online shopping, you can contact the company by email address ( The online Shop Account Manager will respond to your queries.

Social Media:

  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account ( 

Mailing Address:

2600 Michelson Drive #300 Irvine, California 92612-6536 United States

Opening hours of customer care:

The company provides you with 24-hour services. The best time to contact is 8:05 pm and the busiest time to call is 3:30 pm. The company tries to resolve your issues within 10 hours on the website. is a web page of la fitness on which customers can post their reviews. You can post your review without an account but avoid using abusive language. Once you post your problem, the company will resolve your issue. If your issue is resolved, you can mark the review as resolved.

Refund issues:

If you have legitimate reasons for the refund then contact customer care or talk with the general manager directly. Before applying for a refund, read the instructions on your contract. For membership cancellation, go to the front desk in the gym or visit the membership tab on your account on LA Fitness.

LA Fitness provides the best customer care through their phone numbers which can be used during emergencies. Other methods are also available to get in touch with the company, but they are usually time-consuming. It takes ten hours to get a response from the gym on their webpage and two to three days at email. 


How to contact LA Fitness to cancel your membership?

There are different methods to cancel a membership at LA Fitness. Either you visit the company webpage and mail your data to the company or email address.

Cancel membership of LA Fitness manually: 

  • Visit the webpage and open your account to get the cancellation form or visit the gym to get the form.  
  • Fill out the cancellation form and send it to (LA Fitness, P.O Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170).
  • Post the form 40 days before your next payment. Call the company at 949-255-7200 to request confirmation of cancellation. 

Cancel membership of LA Fitness through email:

  • Fill out the cancellation letter with your name, account number, and cancellation request. Provide details of your name, billing address, email, phone number, home gym location, birth date, and last four digits of your credit card.
  • Send your data at email

Cancel membership of LA Fitness through phone number:

  • Contact phone number 949-255-7200 to cancel your membership.

Cancel membership of LA Fitness by visiting the gym:

  • Print the cancellation form and fill in the necessary information.
  • Deliver the form to your nearest gym.

How to contact LA Fitness for refund issues?

If you have refund issues with the company, contact on phone number 949-255-7200 available, you can also contact the front desk or operational manager directly by visiting the gym. You have to cancel your membership five days before your next billing and the company will refund the extra charges.

How to contact LA Fitness customer care to terminate personal trainer contact?

If you want to end your contract, with a personal trainer at LA Fitness you have to submit a letter of cancellation along with necessary information of your name, address, email, phone number, and gym account number.

How freeze my LA Fitness membership?

To freeze your membership on LA fitness, you have to open a webpage and login into your account. Click on the option of the freeze on the right side of the screen.

LA Fitness Customer Service- Opening hours

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