Amazon Warranty Claim – Know More 

Going outside on a vehicle, shopping, billing everything is now overrated. People are now preferring the online mode of shopping over the offline one. And there is no reason that nobody would dislike the online mode. Shopping, receiving, testing everything can be done from home. With all these features everyone is now going online shopping thing. But the most needed thing while shopping is a warranty. Warranty is needed for both online as well as offline shopping. Lets discuss about Amazon Warranty Claim.

Amazon Warranty Claim

The most recognized and adapted online shopping app is Amazon. Amazon also features a warranty policy on its products. You can check for the warranty period of a product while buying only. If your product is within the warranty period, you can make them both replaced and returned. Both the service is compatible with every user. Everything can be done from home comfortably and compatibly. Anyone can easily claim the Amazon warranty policy in the app itself. 

What Is Amazon famous For?

Amazon application features its shopping site, movie app, music app, as well as books app. One can easily shop everything from home with the help of Amazon. With Amazon Prime membership, you can stream the latest movies and movie series at your home. Apart from that you can read a book on the Amazon app and can listen to music too. It also features a voice assistant called Alexa. All these outstanding features have made Amazon famous. Among all the shopping apps Amazon is the most famous application in the world. 

How To Claim Amazon Warranty?

On almost every product Amazon features a warranty policy. It means after buying things from Amazon you will be able to replace and return them. But you have to claim that within the given period. Anyone can easily claim a warranty on this app. Follow the below-given process to claim a warranty.

  • Log into Amazon shopping using your account.
  • After logging into the app, in the upper left corner of the app click on the three bars. 
  • Select ”your orders” from the given list which will take you to another page.
  • On that page, if you can see “replace/ return an item” then you are within your warranty period. If you can’t see that, then your warranty period has expired.
  • If your warranty period is not expired go for the further steps. 
  • Click on the “return/ replace items”. If you want to replace it then you can just replace the item. Else if you don’t want the item then, you can return it also.
  • If you are replacing the item, the process will take some days. And you won’t get charged for the process. 
  • If you want to return it then mention your issue on Amazon. 
  • Then you can choose an account to where you want your refund. You can also claim a refund to the Amazon balance which you can use next time. 
  • But remember that even if you have availed for COD you can only claim a refund to a bank account. 

How To Claim Warranty On Amazon If The Product tag Was Not Given?

This is one of the measures issues many people have faced while claiming a warranty on Amazon. This is a fault from the seller’s side. As they don’t take care of this thing many users face problems. If you are having that issue you can contact customer care. There you can mention your problem elaborately. Then, they will be notifying your problem to the heads. After some time your claim will have proceeded., you can claim your warranty by following the above-given process. 

What Are The Points To Remember While Claiimg A Warrranty On Amazon?

You need to remember some points if you are claiming a warranty from Amazon. Go through the below points and be careful about these things. 

  • Make sure you are retiring the product within the warranty period. 
  • You must have at least one bank account given in the Amazon app.
  • You are returning the same product that you received from Amazon. 

Claiming a warranty on Amazon is compatible yet easy. The warranty period can be seen on the page of the product. Amazon warranty policy is one of the excellent features for the compatibility of the customers. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can we use Amazon balance money whenever we want?

Ans: Yes, one can use the Amazon balance money whenever they want to purchase any product from Amazon.

  • Are the bank details safe on Amazon?

Ans: Yes, the bank details are safe with Amazon’s safety features. You can use that account for both purchasing and refunding. 

  • What are the products with no warranty on Amazon?

Ans: Merchandise like beauty products, sanitary products, health products, some cloth products comes with a no-warranty policy on Amazon. You can check that while buying itself. 

Amazon Warranty Claim – Know More 

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